Rehab – Southern Discomfort (FULL ALBUM)

The debut album by the once famous rap duo Rehab. Southern Discomfort was released in 2000 after getting picked up by Sony/Epic using their To Whom It …



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  1. What happened to the full discography????

  2. Flashback to the year 2000… '*(Blaring this out of my incredibly loud car stereo while hangin' with my best friend. Knowing what the songs were about; knowing it would never be about us.)
    Still stayin' strong almost 20 years later.

  3. This has, and always will be my drinking album!

  4. As a child born in 2007, I am glad my parents showed this to me.
    Sadly I only know Crazy People, Sitting at A Bar, Drinking Problem, and Hey Fred

  5. One of the greatest hip hop albums of all time

  6. Love these guys started jamming to them 2003 don't plan on stopping

  7. Just found this album ,it's the best

  8. Been buggin since I fell out of my mother's dress!

  9. Macon Ga is my hometown. I currently live in Warner Robins. This album STILL captures these streets. I know the group has evolved and changed and this album is bound to be lost to time, but there was something magical in the studio & in them blunts when these tracks were cut.

  10. You wanna fight mee!? You wanna try meee?! Then kick my Asss!

  11. An old friend turned me onto these guys back some 12 yrs ago ,thnx BILLIE D ☇☇

  12. STORM CHASER has to be my favorite track on this Album…Even tho this Entire Album is beyond Amazing

  13. epic album

  14. Accurate portrayal of the life of an alcoholic/drug addict.

  15. You rang?
    Rehab is the real.

  16. quick fred..floor it…

  17. Man, some 15 plus years later and this album still means the world to me.

  18. 2018 still jammin to this shit when i drink alone

  19. fuck the ads. fuck if you delete this comment too

  20. Breathing is overrated

  21. Danny Boone = lyrical GENIUS! so glad they're going to tour again!

  22. I'll take most underrated band in the universe for 200 Alex

  23. I drink a lot

  24. Haha-haha 420 likes

  25. this is the shit

  26. fuck I'm still addicted and can't stop and don't want to stop

  27. damn, mike IX sounds so weird on this album

  28. damn, mike IX sound so weird on this album

  29. Rehab! Where you been all my life? I'm lovin' these guys!

  30. I found this CD in a bargain bin for two bucks back in 2003 and bought it. Still till this day I can never understand why I found it there. Great album and cuz we can is just as good.

  31. everything here's hard to bear

  32. Ole Fried Fred

  33. Ever since I first heard this album I have been into it . It say's a lot about my past and helps me to deal with things better these days.

  34. Pretty much the album that resonated with me & influenced me the most. Ever. (Period) #underrated #classic

  35. crazy people

  36. find me one person in earth that can't relate to at least one rehab song

  37. This is not my style of music, it could even be said ICP is my least favorite band, but this shit right here, this whole album is gold — the one exception, love rehab.

  38. This album reminds me of my friend Trigger (R.I.P.) and those days @ Sin City Tattoo Shop (era 2005). Miss YOU big dawg, love you with all my heart. Man! Those were the days!

  39. "…and I'm not well. My head is hell and this world's a jail."

  40. "…and my heart carries the pain of a brain I can't explain."

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