Bam Margera Says 'Jackass' Stars Visiting Him in Rehab | TMZ

Bam Margera says he got some very special visitors at the rehab facility where he’s getting treatment — namely, a show of support from Steve-O and Johnny …



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  1. You guys should let him continue his rehabilitation without outside influences for a while. Especially, from the Hollywood lifestyle.He needs it.. get well soon Bam!

  2. Jackass 4 please 🙁

  3. He's addicted to pies

  4. You probably wont see this, but good luck bam. You're videos helped me out tremendously through my years. Dont ever give up.

  5. I honestly feel sorry for this poor fella.

  6. Remember that Viva La Bam "Don't feed phil" episode back in 2004 when they shot that one scene showing April at her job giving someone a haircut and she was talking to one of her hair stylist co workers saying, "the reason why Bam's doing this is cause not only does he want his dad to get healthier by losing weight, he also is afraid that he'll end up like that someday" fast forward to 2019…..DAMN!! 🙁

  7. Bam is starting to look like his dad.

  8. Love this reporter

  9. I thought TMZ were jagoff reporters this guy is pretty chill.

  10. A 40 hour week job would turn Bam` s life right round.

  11. Quitter!

  12. Come on Knoxville what could u possibly be filming? Bam ain't the only one saying it is up to Knoxville. Put down whatever it is your doing and give us Jackass 4.

  13. Daaaannnnnnnggggggg bam looks like phill

  14. I love how dude is like I am a fan from back in the CKY days. If you meet Bam Margera and reference CKY as credibility for how long you have been a fan as opposed to TM's Jump Off a Building….That is like meeting Shaq and telling him you became his fan from The General's Auto Insurance commercials.

  15. little to old for this shit bam

  16. slowly morphing into his dad

  17. If Steve-O can get clean and stay clean. ANYONE can. Goodluck, Bam.

  18. So cool that Bam would be down for jackass 4. I still have that little hope that it could happen one day :))

  19. I'm rooting for bam I know how it goes with addiction I battle it myself I always want to see people get out of it and enjoy life without substance but it's easier said than done

  20. Damn Bam must be eating cheesesteaks and meatball subs cuz he looking like Phil

  21. Wow bam looks old

  22. 90 percent of TMZ should be in rehab

  23. A tmz video that I give a like to. Wow

  24. This shit is all really bizarre…. I do hope he gets better though.

  25. He's my most favorite Jackass ever. Hope everything goes well for him, hope his mom leave him be for a while till he's back as the real Bam and his wife better not nag a single word till he's ready to listen to her.

    May God bless him.

  26. Glad they’re supporting him ❤️

  27. hes two sizes away from being Matty Matheson.

  28. That’s how you get a interview and actually be respectful to people. That’s how it should be. These are still people. Yeah they maybe stars but they have issues just like everyone else. It’s nice to see some compassion and still get some questions answered without being a dick.

  29. I like TMZ theyre usually respectful im really glad he was to Bam. Sweet Bam, you got this!!!!

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