TSwT Scummy – Rockstar to Rehab

We’re back with our 2nd episode of TSwT, this time we have a great conversation with Colin Morrison aka “Scummy”. This one’s definitely worth the watch!



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  1. I gotta alot of respect for scummy dude the same exact shit happen too me his story broke me all the way down ….what a head trip man twitch keep your real homies like scummy around…

  2. So glad video's like this exist. People who grew up with these guys, idolizing and wishing you had that life. Now you have an appreciation realizing at the end of the day they are people just like us. Glad there is an place we get a look at the day to day life of these people.

  3. Real shit bro stay strong!

  4. Whoever the 27 idiots who disliked this have never experienced a single real thing in their life.

  5. Yo thanks for posting this man I got two years clean and it’s awesome to hear that life continues to get better . You guys are awesome instead of doing drugs I ride my Harley now . Keep it up guys thanks

  6. And you were in the stands

  7. Love twitch,I got scummys googles when he threw them out in the crowd at a crusty's show.

  8. 17:40 I know how you feel man!!! Threw my life away for drugs and it set me back 12 years….that's in the past tho!!!

  9. Glad you made it through… ENJOY

  10. Awesome stuff man. So true what they say about hitting rock bottom and everybody's rock bottom is different. Congratulations on making it so many don't.

  11. 25:48 Twitch is a stand up guy

  12. Scummy….you've come along way! Be very proud of yourself!!

  13. Bro super proud of scummy!!!!!!

  14. Real men cry…..

  15. I have a very similar story as this guy…including crashing my car and ending up in twin towers (not cool if your a white dude). Been sober for a little over a year. This video helped me a lot. Thanks.

  16. That's a great video man. Congrats scummy on your sobriety. Keep coming back.

  17. Not to be a dick… but
    He sounds high to me and or he's on that suboxin shit.

  18. He has AIDS.

  19. This is really great.

  20. Hella good vid. Definitely recommend watching

  21. I cried when Scummy cried, I can relate , addiction is painful. I'm so glad he is Sober now and God Bless him!

  22. unfortunately, i can COMPLETELY understand what you went through…AND IT FUCKING SUCKS!!! addiction is worse than Jodi Arias…

  23. powerful stuff

  24. awesome guys. Amazing !

  25. Man, somebody check up on Jimmy Albertson. He's had a rough last few years. He's got an alternate persona but you gotta live your real life when the camera's off. Anybody know him and how he's doing?

  26. Scummy is a badass dude. Good shit bro, thanks for sharing your story. And hell ya, Twitch for still being the homie.

  27. Getting sober is the worst/best thing that you can ever do. I feel his emotion cuz I’ve been there. The people that didn’t give up on us on the downward spiral down, only helped us ascend to greatness. And those people are very few.

  28. dude thanks for sharing. I lost everything from drugs and lost time with my dad my sister and many more of my family that died. I been riding since I was 5. iv been watching you both for years. I'm not ritch but I'm doing ok for my self with my wife. I wish I could chill with you guys just for one day. I don't have any luck in my life but to take the bikes out would be great. I remember when I was so fucked up on drugs I sold all my bikes and even my very first bike that's what killed me. I have a 1997 yz125 now that I built from ground up. my fram just got q little crack in it the other week but I'm still ripping it up. I work 7 days a week and I'm just grateful I'm still alive and not dead. I'm blessed each day but honestly I wish I could take my bike out ridding with you guys it would mean the world to me. may GOD bless you both much love and respect

  29. Great vid.

  30. It's cool to see old friends hook up. They can share a lot of funny stories. (y) Very cool guys, just digging motocross.

  31. If people stopped using the word narly, I wouldn't miss it

  32. Props to Scummy for being strong and overcoming hard times and dedicating his life to helping others, we need more people like that. And props to Twitch for not giving up on his friend and extending his hand out to help up out of the mud and getting him back to what he loves most, RIDING!!

  33. Scummy is one the most nice's funniest people in mx infact me my dad and little brother are going to see him and teach me how to ride better so thanks scummy.!

  34. Amazing vid, honestly

  35. Good shit man!! I remember watching your guys videos, and where about the same age and it's crazy because you guys in my eyes where like celebrities or something.. stay positive Colin your the man!!!

  36. dirt bikes saved me from addiction. that adrenaline is all I need haha

  37. Please man I need help

  38. Thank you for sharing your story with us, you both are great people. God bless you guys

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