Richard Rawlings Takes Over Wednesday Nights | GARAGE REHAB

Garage Rehab | PREMIERES Wed Aug 30 10p Richard’s hitting the road looking for the autobody shops and garages in need of his Midas (Monkey) touch!



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  1. Richard I just watch garage rehab with American warriors .I cry my eyes gave them a new garage for s bless men.god bless you….. Your the best

  2. My whole family loves to watch this show! And especially to see the business side of things as well as the building/design. Fun show and there are many good business principles you can pick up on if you're looking for them. Keep it up guys

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  4. it was on german tv. how much money was spent and was the money a loan?

  5. Okay, I actually know Richard. I knew him long before he had a TV show. He is a serious car guy. He is not the kind of hands-on builder that someone like Chip Foose is, but he is a good businessman, and Gas Monkey is a good shop. I think Garage Rehab is a good show for him to do. I have to confess, I don't watch Fast-n-Loud regularly — it's mostly hot rods, and hot rods are just not "my thing." Garage Rehab is much more in line with what I like to watch. I can see myself watching this show a lot.

  6. he makes money!! broke ass bitches hha

  7. Discovery calls this a tv show? It's basically an hour long commercial where Richard and his staff keep plugging their suppliers and taking kickbacks for it.

  8. Richard Rawlings is a fucken prick!

  9. If this show is the real deal then fair play to Richard for pulling up the bangers and investing in the business shown in each episode.

  10. Thought 1st episode was alright but by episode 3/4 it was like feckin Groundhog Day

  11. First off Richard Rawlings isn't running anything. Fired Up Garage is the only reason I watch Wed. nights. Richard is a real prick. When I saw that he was surprised at Scotty's that someone was cooking outside LMAO. Every shop I ever worked at we cooked out on a smoker. I wouldn't work for the prick.

  12. had enough of this TURD when I saw him buy this old Jefferson Airplane style bus for 5 grand and try to sell it to his "friend" for 100 grand!!!!!

  13. Plug plug and plug …. i wonder if I plug every thing ill get it for free

  14. Show is ok. where is aaron's show??????

  15. Richard are you doing this for the garage owner or for-profit let me know

  16. Garage version of The Profit

  17. TOTAL rip off of Marcus Lemonis "The Profit" on CNBC.

  18. Richard, I think it's time you stop building your empire off the labor and capital of others. You're a human tick.

  19. This show looks fun. I like those rehab shows and I'm curious to see what Rawlings comes up with.

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  21. Well let's see how this show goes!,

  22. Pimp my garage, fail.

  23. More fake as fuck TV . This douche bag needs a Texas size ass kicking. Did Aaron turn you scumbags down for a tv show . I wonder how long it will take people to Discover this show is a fake piece of shit too

  24. Such a dichotomy with Dick Rawlings, really like what he does, but he is a complete dickhead egotistical neanderthal.

  25. Plz sub to me

  26. First yay

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