Rehab – Crazy People

Southern Discomfort.



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  2. I got 20 more hours to go…

  3. I would tell you "man, it's evil" but I don't know no other game….

  4. yelawolf happy fathers day is legit for <3

  5. Warner Robins, GA Represent.

  6. "I ain't killed nobody today just yet, so ya'll better give me some space…"

  7. This is my life I just haven't grabbed the fucking wheel yet

  8. Heard this shit when i was 9

  9. I'm coming out of Athens damn you guys rock

  10. this shit was my life when I was on Meth real bad when I was 17 & 18 I would probably be dead without this CD back then now I'm 32 glad I'm off that shit

  11. I freaking love !!!

  12. perfect for my walk thru the tenderloin everyday singing this song at the top of my lungs, keeps the crazies away

  13. HOW MFER?

  14. where can idownload a goodfree version of thissong

  15. you got a buck or to hell new i need liquer to lmao

  16. this son is new to me and i love it my girl showed me it and i l think it has man difrent meanings

  17. fuck you! I need liquor too

  18. have always had a spot in my heart for this album. was a hard core metal head when I found this, it's amazing how people talking about tripping mentally and getting fucked up all the time can helpe stay sane and sober…..

  19. Got a burned copy of this lp from a homie when i was like 12 or 13 had no clue these guys were legit with fans I played the shit out this song that summer. this song still certified sic

  20. Wanna get a 50 piece? you know you do

  21. crazy people ,..That's what's UP….HA ? ME AND MINE …TRY AGAIN ..STAY GOLDEN PONY BOY HAHAHA

  22. that river there in is right next to rose hill in Macon GA cause right in front of them is the bridge with train tracks

  23. Dude southern discomfort is one of the most underrated albums of all time imo. Love this song and the whole album so many things to identify with. brooks buford (jason) i feel ya in every way bro

  24. i aint got a damn thing to give true wanna kill a cop yes

  25. And how did I get so dirty?

  26. this song is mine and my moms theme song hahahaha

  27. awesome song 😀

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