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Free Illustrations: The ITB Rehab Routine is for runners who need to strengthen their glutes and hips to rehab ilitate …



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  1. Does this work for glute/ hip tendonitis?

  2. Thanks a lot! Got a lighter ltb problem a couple of months ago. Overdid the running a bit. Started to do this program almost every day, and over time added in more excercices strengthening all relevant areas. Now 1.5 months later, I feel much better. Did some light running a few times per week using an Iliotibal Band, (when I mostly rested it got so stiff). This in combination with regular icing before and after training, and some quality stretches. Hence sight, I believe I was not strong enough in my glutes and hamstrings for the volume I was running.

  3. Is this best after warming down / stretching, or directly after running? Also, are these useful exercises for ultra training, or should I do something else (to prevent injuries, etc)? My goal is not to be super fast but to be strong and uninjured. Thanks!

  4. Thank you!!!!!

  5. This is the best to rehab an IT band. I couldn't figure out why one whole side of my leg hurt, since I don't like to got the the doctor for every little thing I looked it up online. I did finish training for a 25k run then took 6 weeks off while only doing these exercises. Now that I am back running and doing HIIT workouts, this is still something that I do to maintain whenever I feel the slight twinge from my IT band. Thanks for this video.

  6. Nice!!!! I found that pointing my toes out during the clam shells, as opposed to dorsiflexed helps activate the glutes more/easier. Great video! Itbs symptoms just started for me.. I play soccer, I must've cut too fast for my knee and hips to keep up… days later I felt the tightness on the ITBand…

  7. thank you for this content!

  8. This is a pretty old thread but I'll post a comment anyway. These are really good exercises but I have read any number of other exercises can help, also, like Bulgarian split squats, but also simple things like reverse lunges and then also lateral step-ups. I am going with progressive overload on Bulgarian split squats until I get to 2 100 pound dumbbells. Then, I will have to find a gym that has a squat rack. Right now, I'm at 1 20 lb dumbbell so it'll be awhile but I can get there in 6 months to a year. I've had strong legs in the past from soccer but not lifting, but strength comes pretty fast for people who had good strength in the past but let it slide over the years.

  9. Thanks for making this video.  I'm working through an ITB issue right now.  Thankfully, it's minor at this point.  I just came across your video and starting going through the exercises.  Dang.  My hips / glutes must be really weak.  In addition to running, I do pretty heavy lifting – including squats and lunges.  But I could hardly finish the first exercise, even without using any resistance.  Sad, but hopefully this will help get things going in the right direction.  Thanks again!

  10. Great vid but I’m struggling with the hip drop. Can’t seem to be able to do it. Also what tension of theraband would you recommend? I got a red one but not sure it’s tense enough.

  11. Thank you for this! It took a long, long time to build cardio/resp endurance just to run short distances (asthma) and I am really bumming over this ITB issue. I found your article re:ITB rehabbing on Strengthrunning & will put this routine to work.

  12. Hey there! I'm fairly new at jogging. I started about this time of year last year with some cycling mixed in and it wasn't until a few months ago that I got this injury. I thought it would heal after biking but it has returned worst than ever. I'm gonna try these exercises for the next few weeks until I can jog normally again. Thanks, I'll keep you updated.

  13. Started having problems with my ITB two weeks ago. Ran a race this past Saturday and surprisingly had no pain. But, decided to take 5 days off from running just as a precaution and did boot camp workouts all week instead. Well, I did an easy three miles today and my ITB flared up 2.5 miles in and bad. Had to walk the last 1/4 mile. Going to take a break and do this routine for ahwile and see how it goes. Have an Ultra Relay race in March. Hope to have this thing solved and be back training by mid to late November.

  14. I used this routine daily which helped get rid of the pain I was getting that was stopping me from running. Over a year later and I still use it regularly and haven't had any pain since! Very glad I found this

  15. Stopped running and cycling (which caused it in the first place). It's been almost a month and the pain hasn't gone away! :/ Still I can poke side of my knee on the bony bit and get a slight burn there. Any tips guys?

  16. Can you do these without the stretchy string thing?

  17. thanks a lot

  18. Brilliant exercise for ITB and for also loosening out. I'm starting my training for the military in 3 weeks and I've only started doing this exercise and can feel the benefits of doing it. Be doing it Everyday till I leave now. Thank you Sir please God it keeps the ITB tightness away from my legs like it has been doing. Thanks again.

  19. I can squat 130kg but my outer glutes just died after first 60 repetitions with thinest band… thank you! 😀 Doesnt matter how strong we are, if one tiny structure fail, whole system will.

  20. There were a few other comments asking "how long"? I also am wondering how long before others have started to see some improvement? I've been struggling with IDB pain as well as other knee pain. I've been doing these routines for a couple weeks and still am seeing no relief. I'm just wondering how long others continued before they started to see any sort of improvement?

  21. is this just for rehab or can this be used in preventing itb coming back?

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  23. thank you thank you thank you!

  24. I've been using this video for a week to strengthen my hips (very helpful- thank you!) and never noticed you shirt before today- Give Peace a Tri!! I live in Keene, NH where that race is held!! woohoo!!

  25. Thanky you. I began to sink into a funk because I know that this the injury I have. I have my 5th 21K coming up in two weeks, and I want to run it, but I need to do some recovery while I am not running.

  26. Just tried your rehab exercise an hour ago. and the pain from my outside part of knee (probably ITB syndrome) feels better! Gonna do these exercise once a day starting from now. thank you!

    I will update my recovery progress later. Hopefully this exercise will finally solve my 2 months off from running 🙂


  28. Do you want to bend your knees when you do the sideways shuffle?

  29. Thank you for the great instructional. I'm using it every other day. How many sets of each exercise? And, is it daily?

  30. Hi, I have experienced some ITB pain last Sunday during a nine mile training run(walked the last 2 miles). I have taken the last week off from running but have been doing yoga and using the stick. I am running a half on May 7th. Am I stupid to think that I will be able to do this with the ITB pain? I am not a seasoned runner or anything. I don't know what to do. I did switch shoes a few weeks ago and wonder if that is the problem. Maybe I need to switch back to my old shoes. I don't want to run with that pain again but I also want to be able to do the race in a month. Help! 🙁

  31. Thanks! Those are literally all the exercises the physio gave me, but couldn't quite remember the positions. great help!

  32. Gonna try this out this coming Monday thanks!

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