From Rehab to a Body Bag | Dying for Treatment: VICE Reports (Full Length)

In the United States, more people between the ages of 25 and 64 die of complications from drugs than car crashes. According to a 2009 study published by the …



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  2. If you've got $73,000 for 30 days in that rehab clearly you don't have a PROBLEM yet…

  3. I've known many drunks and addicts that had the great treatment centers the finest treatment and did not get silver until they had to go to Pacific Garden mission.Park Bench to Park Place, or park place to park bench

  4. Being out doing what people love, that they haven't done for many years during their addiction is great for early sobriety. It beats sitting there listening to a bunch of know-it-all drunks That are they're their own favorite subject they never let nobody get award in thank you.

  5. Cult leader : I can’t guarantee sobriety…… ( wipes nose twice ) totally not guilty .

  6. Lets reward the drug addicted with a nice 30 day stay in a mansion, a vacation from all the hard work they have been doing. Lol these people dont want to get up early in the morning, and work a job.

  7. Its all a money grab, they pay recruiters to jump start insurance, send them out to cali, charge insurance for 30 days, let them relapse and repeat the cycle till insurance runs out and they're back on the streets.

  8. What a scuzzy human being…typical Malibu BS.

  9. Malibu guy seems so uncomfortable with questions. Bet he has some shit up his nose!!
    So lindsay lohan got ripped up pretty high..

  10. The guy with the sunglasses looks and acts like he is on drugs, also like he has no idea what the hell is going on.

  11. ophthalmic syndrome such as autism-alzheimers–heart disease etc. from A1 Milk with the dangerous opioid BCM-7—Raw A2 Milk—Not Pasteurized/Homogenized A2 Milk–Not A1 Milk with the dangerous opioid BCM-7—-opioids/antianxiety//antidepressants//antipsychotics etc. causes suicidal/homicidal tendencies and ideation–

  12. For god sake for that price the horses deserve luxury treatment too.!! SO GIVE THE HORSES SOME FRESH DAMN WATER AND FILL IT ALL THE WAY UP

  13. Thats basically a exspensive retreat/hotel that hes calling a rehab center

  14. Dr Drew Pinsky 10:30 lesson

  15. AA is a joke 98% failure rate never has worked just all there was. When I saw dying to get in I figured they would tell us about all the people who have over dosed and died after treatment. They go in loose there tolerance while in rehab use dope and die. Now with Obama care rehab is big money and big business.

  16. SMART RECOVERY! Is really helpful and doesn’t cost a thing!

  17. There's a ridiculous rehab here in the UK, they sedate the patient who had say a heroin addiction and dettox them in a semi concious state and when they wake up they don't have withdrawals but they haven't learnt anything and still have the mental cravings. I wish there were no such thing as withdrawals I've been there myself and it's definitely not fun.

  18. Malibu Richard guy looks like he’s on crack fricken keep on figeting and moving around and doesn’t know shit about his patients and clearly shows that $75000 is a Waste Of fuckin money and better to spend less at a different rehab place which will do better for you! And will actually give a shit about you and will know there patients by names no like this crack head in first rehab video take they did
    The Richard guy will glasses

  19. I liked the angle, but your stats are wrong. If someone is stabbed while on drugs then it's "a drug related death"! Also there's a difference between a user and an abuser. Millions of people drink socially and legally without issues, but I guarantee if alcohol was made illegal we would have many more deaths. A lot of these deaths are caused by street drugs made with deadly chemicals and with widely varying amounts of the actual drug in them. The reason we (the U.S.) made alcohol legal again was because so many people were dying because their "street" alcohol was wood grain alcohol i.e. rubbing alcohol because it was cheap and easy to make, and the same thing is happening with drugs. I know I'll be vilified for saying this but drugs should be legal for adults. And don't say then kids will do more because as of right now kids are the only people who know where the drugs are. We are filling our prisons with nonviolent drug offenders and letting out the actual people we should be afraid of, not people we want to control. Some people fought the legalization of pot, and look not only are we not falling into anarchy but the states that did legalize it are making billions in taxes because of it!!

  20. That dude is high. Nose scratches lies. Nose scratches lies.

  21. That dude is coked out of his fucking mind!!!

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