Addicted to Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency Rehab Center

Ever since the bitcoin boom of late 2017, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and even DogeCoin have made their way into the …



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  1. Mad Doctor

  2. What a bunch of weak males and I would say the same thing for females damn talk about weak mind weak self-esteem self-mutilation complete stupidity.

  3. What about a vid on how to get into Crypto!?

  4. You can be addicted to anything. Especially something that has such an explicit “reward” factor as bitcoin did.

  5. I've found that if someone is interested in Bitcoin it's the perfect way to tell that they are low IQ.

  6. This is the first time that I have ever disliked a Motherboard video…This mini doc is a bad joke.

  7. f*** crypto. (USA!)

  8. Reunit(e)(ing) with the dollar and coins! Say bye to cryptobots.

  9. Waiting for the x570 series

  10. I have the best miner mr ziglar Reagan thanks for changing my life

  11. Straight liar, he wouldn’t have gone to fucking rehab if he was on the winning side.

  12. wtf is this shit, is this real life? lol HODL bitches, stay away from the ritalin, cocaine and adderall

  13. this is a joke…. right?

  14. after you make that money you should stop and go live your life. come on 2mill to then 500 grand. i wouldve stopped, this man was really confident of himself i bet. LMFAO but i would've never done drugs, maybe coffee have enough cups you'll rule the WORLD xD

  15. Greed can drive people mad

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  17. One more example why humans should be extintict.

  18. I'm addicted to earning it, not reading news though

  19. XD LOOOLLLLLLLL dude probably lost all his money too, know how do you pay for rehab? Sheep!

  20. Must be killing him as bitcoin starts to moon again.

  21. Is this guy 6’8 or is the dude in the suit like 4’10?

  22. "This 12 step program isn't about god."
    [Proceeds directly into group prayer.]

  23. Imagine what the corporations are doing with housing gas food ect. This video is controlled opposition.

  24. Psst! Wanna buy some bitcoin? Here's my referral link:

  25. I just came
    Here to say that I have zero idea what bitcoin or cryptocurrency is but I think they need to make it completely illegal. Not a fan. I believe it’s used for
    Drugs or other illegal sickening activities

  26. So your telling me he did drugs and openly told them, yet he didnt go to prison, and somehow they thought bitcoin was the problem?

  27. All hail the almighty blockchain . Don't listen to moronic sheeple. Get some use case coins and privacy coins and HODL.

  28. It always seems good to meet the right man, I keep making $14500 weekly from Mr Kelvin Peter, all thanks to him

  29. What about Forex trading, attracts just as degenerate people, and has a much larger history.

  30. This video makes itself look like an onion video.

  31. 2:03 only 538 dollars :'(

  32. I wonder if these centres accept people's bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as payments. Sounds like a scam to me. The addiction to endless fiat money created by the Central Banks all across the world is a bigger problem than a digital currency that is limited supplied and a store of value.

  33. Do you accept BTC as payment for Rehab?

  34. He shorted the top, but got rekt by drugs. =[

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