The Untold Truth Of Rehab Addict

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  1. Nicole's snatch OBVIOUSLY stinks.

  2. She is beautiful!!! Just love her!!! Her work is awesome

  3. Why the hell does she paint the houses in such disgusting colours.

  4. I suggest you people google Nicole Curtis. Because she has a bad reputation with trying to rope her boyfriends into buying the houses she rehabs. In one court case, several of her boyfriends exposed her as a liar and a con artist.

  5. Nicole? You should marry me!

  6. Love Nicole. Her son is so lucky to have her and her brother grooming him from childhood for building and rehabbing as a life option. She is one of the best in the country.

  7. Nicole is just a living and walking material

  8. By the way. She's located in Detroit. She could buy at least 3 homes for a dollar. She's got plenty of work and the Muslims would love to get one of those homes.

  9. Rehab Addict is a great name for this show. Nichole shows people on how to deal with a crack problem in your home. If you know what I mean.

  10. Is this the actress that played Jamie Powell in the sitcom "Charles in Charge"?

  11. Could the Rehab Addict host have a more irritating voice? How did she ever get any job that included audio?

  12. Her mother has a restraining order against her because she's mega crazy .

  13. I admire Nicole. Everyone has problems in their life.

  14. Nicole … sei fantastica!!

  15. Nicol is the only person who salvages everything where possible. I gringe to watch all other shows of this type demolishing and trashing the very usable house pieces. She is the only one I watch now. Come on you other guys help save our planet. Thank you Nicol

  16. My brother lives next to her and I guess she's a real prick.

  17. Would love to get her pregnant !!!!

  18. I wish more people would be like her , she is my hero

  19. She rocks and I watched every episode a gazillion times. Glad she is coming back, October 4, 2017. WE MISSED YOU NICOLE. #GreatMom roo~

  20. She is a great renovator of old homes, but, wow…..she's a pistol in her personal life.

  21. great show, nicole has a great eye for renovation. she is also gorgeous !

  22. I love that this was so positive. I was worried there for a second!

  23. I love her show. I think it's the best one on hgtv

  24. Big dumb ass basketball player, you call him?

  25. I love Nicole!

  26. I really like this show but have to admit, I didn't check it out for a long time because I thought it was about drugs.

  27. I love this program Rehab addicts, she is the bomb, I love the house she does too there Beautiful Just like Her…

  28. : i love to see her show on netflix.

  29. Over 90 % of my household is 2nd hand and what i found on the streets dissed. And not shabby stuff, but only slightly scuffed or so. It is very nice feeling watching the show.

  30. She complaining about home renovation being male dominated when the reason she has the show is cause she's a fox. Discrimination is all in her favor.

  31. My very favorite re-hab show.  Was on a channel where it was free to watch but now it's o ne you have to pay for.

  32. i guess we know where she found her ex.

  33. WARNING: She is still smoking hot ! I have nothing against Nicole Curtis.

  34. you're doing it right Nichole, Keep it up !!!!

  35. At our house we like the show, we like Nicole, we admire her, we respect her. If she's ever on the California central coast we have a few small projects where she could help us.

  36. Cool! LeBron is the man too!

  37. Untold truths? This video is stupid. There nothing on here that isnt common knowledge or you could google. What exactly is untold? Dumb.

  38. I can't lie, the only reason that I have ever watched the show is because she's a hot woman who isn't afraid to get dirty and she's calling the shots. Much love and respect.

  39. She's awesome. I like what she does. I love old original stuff that ties you to how we lived in the past.

  40. No mention of her second child and the nasty custody battle that followed?

  41. Love the show… didn't understand some of her rants last year on Facebook, they were hard to follow, but she seemed pretty angry sometimes.

  42. she's my kind of girl, not afraid to get dirty….I collect old Americana, I bet we got commons…

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