The Jolly Boys – Rehab



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  1. I love them Jolly Boys. They are the roots of many music genres.

    I love music from Nairobi Kenya.

  2. I 315 il dito ve lo dovete mettere al culo

  3. Estos tipos son muy chingones, la versión es plena de ironía…no sé…me gusta mucho.

  4. Essa é a melhor versão desse grande sucesso.

  5. Gosto muito de ouvir essa música

  6. …[Guess who's back]…
    <@melgnao dude @byoussef><A*idris elba himself did the special effects for me yes sir><lol @loveall101>*
    {…Oui @melgnao <Maha EGTamer KaramMamoun Attioui> @loveall101 Yes…}

  7. This singer is awesome! The Jolly boys are great! Thank you sir and your Jolly Boys group! Please keep up your good work!

  8. вы припиздки ебанутые плагиатеры

  9. Грустновато, особенно вспоминая обстоятельства смерти Эми Вайнстоун, но что уж говорить, эти дедушки знают толк в настоящем регги! )))

  10. These are not Jamaicans there Pakistanis

  11. Derrick may time be kind to your Family and Friends hearts and memories replace the sadness. RIP!!!!

  12. excellent

  13. Реквием для Эмми.Спасибо,пацаны!


  15. just your usual bunch of racist jamaican fuckers lol

  16. nothing's better than the original, these old farts just desperate for money…

  17. Quem achou essa versão muito mais massa do que a original, dá um like aqui

  18. tengo que admitirlo…esta me gusta mas que la de Amy!

  19. …ah, that red dress gal…

  20. fantastici

  21. They ain’t acting too jolly haaa I am going arrghhh grrr

  22. Massa essa banda

  23. I LOVE IT

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