Reputation Rehab | Pastor Steven Furtick

You’ve got a reputation with the devil. And believe it or not, that’s a good thing. Subscribe to the latest sermons: To support this ministry and …



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  1. I’m getting stronger with listening to your sermon videos. ❤️❤️

  2. Rahab the Righteous!

  3. Thank you pastor Steven furtick for the message from God. I have been going threw so much. Something always tells me when I'm going threw things to go watch one of your sermons and everytime I do I get exactly what I needed and what i needed to hear. What God has been trying to tell me. Thank you pastor may God bless you and your family In a mighty way. It's time for me to stop worrying what others think about me, it's time to see what God sees in me. In jesus name.


  5. Pastor Steven’s preaching always gives the right direction on the very point of the word of God. It bring encouragement edifications also leads many into self reviews.
    For examples as:
    Haggai 1:5
    Psalms 19:7-10
    Those words remainders how the way of a child of God should to be. It really touching heart and deep-down into my very soul!

    He deserves all of the uprightly blessing from the gracious God!

  6. Great sermons

  7. Trouble accompanies God's presence!! What a word !! It doesn't mean the absence of God !!

  8. Great message

  9. I'll give him one thing. He is consistent……Consistently narcissistic. There's absolutely no gospel in his preaching. It's about him not Christ.

  10. Thank you pastor. You are impacting lives .

  11. Hallelujah!!!!

  12. Best one.. . .

  13. Thank Pastor Steven Furtick. God has truly anointed you as His spokesman of the gospel.

  14. Hafa Adai from Guam.. Thank you!

  15. I'm humbled by this sermon, God is great! Thank you Pastor Steven.

  16. This was really good other blessing i need to hear praise jesus christ

  17. God I am so grateful that My wife, my family, and I are so blessed by your love and blessing and confidence and protection right now! Protect my mind and heart from fearful negative thoughts and help me think good of myself my wife and my family now!

  18. I love you and I thank you God! I praise worship and bless you!

  19. Amen.Hallelujah.Shalom

  20. I really love my brother Steven Furtick, he is so relatable.. and loveable.. I appreciate his work for the kingdom of God!

  21. Somewhere Somebody Say AMEN. Good God Almighty Teach by the content of the Word laid out before US.God Bless You.

  22. Nice McGregor shout out lol

  23. True.. god picked me up like Rehab. Now i am righteous in Christ. God bless you pastor blessed by you message

  24. Too any opinions crowd the voice of!!..

  25. Is it possible the enemy knows more about me that I do… that's why he's fighting me?

  26. this is powerful

  27. Please pray for me. I am battling a horrible porn addiction

  28. I am who God says I am

  29. You gotta compare those you face with your God not you. Man such a powerful word.

  30. I want to say Sir,I truly appreciate what God is doing in you and through you.its not long I started listening to you and each time am truly inspired.God keep you

  31. I’ve probably heard all pastor Steven’s sermons on YouTube. This is my favorite one. I, need to watch and learn this, every day… Thank you, Jesus!

  32. I love how he referenced the hillsong album. Who you say I am

  33. i need prayer in this area

  34. I love Pastor Steven furtick. I watch him on YouTube every chance I get. He inspires me to move on in my faith. He gives me hope. I feel so blessed and I can feel the presence of God in this Man. God bless you Pastor Steven furtick.

  35. Thank you Pastor Steve for being so down to earth,so real,and transparent. You preach to the multitude of people and thank God for that gift He has given you. I pray God will do more than you could ever expect in you and through you.

  36. Thanks for the rehab was so close to my current situation..

  37. Glad I am following now. 2018 message that blessed me in 2019. thankfully grateful for over and over and over and over mercy.

  38. I love watching this I have seen it over and over again

  39. I am who you say I am! That's all!

  40. Oh man what a word from God!!! LORD I am who you say I am!! Let me see myself how you see me!! In the mighty Name of Jesus.. Give me your eyes to see your children how you see them!! #itsrehabtime!!!

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