Rehab Robot Gives New Hope for Bedridden Patients

KUKA partner, Life Science Robotics, has developed a revolutionary rehab ilitation therapy system that uses a KUKA LBR Med robot. They were demoing it at …



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  1. how can consumers get additional information please?

  2. We dont need doctors anymore.We need Kuka!

  3. Address please

  4. Looks amazing!
    But i got 2 Questions.
    Are they connected to the Internet? Maybe someone can hack it.
    And what is when the Electricity goes of at a Fire.
    How does the Human gonna beremoved from it?

  5. You should add a start/stop switch for the patient just to improve trust.
    Maybe to adjust speed, too.
    You can let it run unattended and work with multiple patients at the same time.

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