Physical Rehab Following ACL Reconstruction | Carole Netter, PT, MS, OCS

Carole Netter, PT, MS, OCS Physical Therapist, UCLA Health One of the most common knee injuries in young athletes is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) …



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  1. I from Mongolia. Thank you so much helped lot~~

  2. How many days after surgery can i start rehab/ exercises? Thanks

  3. As usual,nothing circular. Small degree of medial and lateral rotation will make all the difference.Go watch a professional skier get wormed up,or snow border.

  4. This is a very good educational video…thank you so much! ❤️

  5. I don't trust a female doctor

  6. My leg band only 90* digres only plzzz suggest me to how i can band my leg
    Joint not full band after 7 year plzzz help
    Me if you Any suggestion plzz tell me.
    How can i band me leg

  7. Extremely helpful video. Thank you so much!

  8. Is it normal to not be able to bear any weight and lots lf pain while standing up a week post op for acl and mensicus

  9. Guys tell me if i get a ACL injury will my hieght grow or I will lose my growth……. Will I ever increase my hieght. My hieght is 5 feet 6 will it increase ?….. I am feeling depressed … Need honest opinion

  10. My acl is tear after surgery of12months my left leg was very weak tell some exercises for strength of my left leg

  11. I

    I found Bulletproof Your Knee, the bestselling knee pain book at Amazon helpful.


  12. does acl and mpfl have a same rehab protocol?

  13. I almost at my 6 month mark from my 2nd acl reconstruction….my sports surgeon has told me still to avoid cutting. Any theories why? I didnt think to ask until i watched this

  14. Damn son im almost 6 months after acl and meniscus surgery and my knee still feels weak as fuck. I cant even plant hard or cut ora anything. It sucks man because ivee been working so hard too.

  15. Acl surgery 1 month later I have all yoke pains,,, please anybody advice me about this

  16. After how many time can I climb stairs without support.i have completed 6 weeks walking without support and brace. Can I climb 15-20 stairs now ?

  17. Mam i am Indian. My age is 20. I can joined army after acl surgery . please reply

  18. Is there any way we can donate.

  19. I had an MRI and a X ray nothing seems to be wrong with my knees but the hurt

  20. I have quadricep surgery 9 months day still the quad still weak and till feeling pain, so i need advice what to do to regain lost quadricep muscles

  21. I am an acl patient, only 15 days far away my operation were done

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