How to rehab an injured ankle

Everything you need to know about fixing football’s most common injury How to get a scan: 0:29 How to test range of movement: 2:56 Functional assessment …



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  1. I wish i can do that right now but i can't, it really hurts on my sprain injury!! But i need to do that to my recovery to see the best result! Thanks Godbless!

  2. That guy must have a rolled ankle because he can do a lot without flinching

  3. I met with an accident on 9 March. My both ankle got fractured. Right ankle was badly damaged. It was under plaster for 3 months. I have been told the exercises. I am doing it regularly. My left ankle is ok. But right one has got jammed. Now it is 50% free. I get swelling in both if I walk little.

  4. I hv injuries on my both ankles
    And its been two months

  5. Just go to Indonesia and meet Mr. Arif Setiawan, if only sprained ankle it easy for him to recover

  6. Superbenificial

  7. Good video I sprained my ankle 2 months ago and it still hurts

  8. Nice video.

  9. I tore the deltoid ligament in my foot – a medial ankle sprain. The arch of my foot collapsed from a high arch. All my physiotherapist did was massage my ankle, strap the arch and after 2 months he finally put me on a moonboot. It's been a week off of the moonboot and now idk what to do. My ankle still has pain – I cant run, tiptoe, jump:( it's been a almost 6 months now of me limping around it sucks ass. I'll try out these excersices though and see how it works out

  10. I have pain in my ankle it’s was not improved help me

  11. Pain got worse after stretches

  12. How much time does it takes to recoverd ??

  13. I’m
    Trying the knee to wall one, I can’t do it the pain is terrible, had mri today, see orthopedic doctor tomorrow, was a very bad sprain according to X-ray but it happened the 26th and pain is worse now???

  14. nice exercises

  15. thnx bro it's very useful

  16. Bruh I can’t do calf raises

  17. Thanks. I'll check out a physio pro too. So how's your ankle doing?

  18. i sprained my ankle and now it has Cyanosis just below it, what should i do?

  19. Sir mera bhi leg aisa hai. Kya yah thik ho sakta hai

  20. Really helpfull exercise… Thank you sir

  21. These tips would probably hurt me for life. Just fucking call your doctor!!

  22. very good video.
    thank you kind people

  23. I sprained my ankle early fall of 2018 (I think it was august) and I thought it was completely healed because I didn't feel the injury anymore. Today I did one kickflip with my skateboard and the pain was back immediately. I'm afraid it will never heal and I can't skate anymore. Will this help?

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