How Much Should You Spend on a Rental Property Rehab?

How Much Should You Spend on a Rental Property Rehab? Ultimately, every expense on your rental property will affect your return on investment (ROI).



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  1. If equity is not important to you but cash flow is, what do you think of investing in mobile homes on private land, not in parks?

  2. Thank you for your guidance sir. Do you recommend using a real estate agent to find these deals or should I look for the deals myself ? I’m in the south Florida area. Thanks

  3. This isn't exactly real estate related, but I really appreciate your pronunciation of words. Thank you

    It's a major reason why I watch your videos.

    I don't subscribe – but I watch

  4. Nice call to action with the subscribe button ad

  5. Where do you usually get houses worth 20k. Off market or MLS ?

  6. If I buy a house for 40k including repairs ,how much rent I can expect after management percentage?

  7. What about a milti-family property where I plan to live in? Properties in Chicago are quite pricey.

  8. Thank you for your videos, man. They're great!

  9. Thanks for your channel! I’ve been watching non-stop. Similar to your strategy, we’ve been purchasing $20k-$30k 100 year old homes in Louisville and typically replacing everything. Long term buy/hold. My question is, how do you keep your renovation costs to $20k-$25k? In my experiences fully replacing plumbing runs $5-6k, electrical $5-6k, insulation $2k, doors/windows $1-3k, framing/drywall/paint/trim $7-8k, flooring $1-3k, HVAC $3-7k, roof/gutters $5k, landscaping, etc.? That’s with me acting as the GC and performing some of the work. Do you have your own subs?

  10. What do you think of the 3D printing homes

  11. Agree 100%, I like to keep my budget around 15k. Ikea kitchen's subway tile for bathrooms, and clearance flooring.

  12. Great stuff. I love this channel.

  13. you can buy houses for 12-20k in the neighborhood where rent is 700$? everything is possible in the usa :))

  14. Would the rehab be the same if I was refinancing to pay off hard money?

  15. How do you deal with older homes that might contain lead paint and or asbestos? These can both be very expensive to remove.

  16. What areas are you investing in Clayton? And what does a C neighborhood look like for you?

  17. Can you rehab inside only fire damage?

  18. real-estate = MONEY™

  19. Hi Morris!
    I would love to know what price to expect in Indiana to replace old knob and tube wires with new ones and old plumbing with Pex plumbing.
    Thank you!!

  20. Great video!

  21. Helpful as always, keep it up!

  22. 6 months for a flip? You are not building the house from scratch. I did a few flips and it takes 1 to 2 months max.

  23. Love your channel. If you plan on buying a property on a mortgage, do you include the renovation costs into the mortgage, or do them separately?

  24. What part of the developing world does he live in that a whole house costs $25,000 US dollars?

  25. Thanks again. I appreciate the details. It's what I need.

  26. I like the video however I need clarification .so is 20k the total cost just for the cosmetic portion after you have done the major repairs such as water heater roof plumbing electrical furnace etc? Or is it just 20k for everything…also I live in southern California where the cost of properties are really expensive. Do you recommend going to the lower income neighborhoods to purchase properties that are complete guy jobs and vacant to keep the upfront cost low or buying in lower income neighborhoods period but need minor work. Sorry for the questions I'm new and starting out….

  27. Good stuff, thank you definitely recommend this.

  28. Thank you

  29. Do you have any before and after videos? Also, do you have videos on raising capital?

  30. Are you including the contractors profit? Or their bill is a separarte one

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