CC Sabathia Reflects on Rehab and his Legacy

A few days before CC Sabathia was set to begin another playoff run with the New York Yankees, he checked himself into alcohol rehab . Now, he’s out. In this …



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  1. Smoke weed

  2. You're the greatest CC.

  3. It's Not Easy 2 Stay Stop, Sobriety Is Wonderful, I was 3Weeks Sober Going into A.A. Now Been Sober 4Years And Some Months, A.A. Meetings and A.A. Speaking Meetings Are The Boom

  4. I may be a Cubs fan and secondarily a Red Sox fan but you're definitely one of my role models. I'm going on just over 2 1/2 years sober at this point. Much respect and remember, one day at a time

  5. so much respect for him.

  6. mad respect to cc for getting help while being under the microscope of being a pro baseball player and having to deal with all of the tabloids and fans. seems like a cool dude and hope he sticks with it 😀

  7. Good for him. Seems like a great guy, wish him all the best.

  8. Proud of you and praying with you cuddy…

  9. Dunkey would be proud: CC plays Knack, babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. 2 years later and dude pitched game 5 in the ALDS against Cleveland and won.

  11. Keep up the work CC. Playing great so far this year!

  12. What's crazy is he was still an ace even tho he was probably drunk on the mound

  13. He was in my school handing out book bags

  14. I respect you for what you did big guy. Stay strong and clean and the rest will fall in place.

  15. I hope his plan works, but there's a reason why recovering alcoholics say you have to get out of your own way. Skipping meetings isn't doing that.

  16. Worth $$161 million $$$$ and drives a chevy

  17. Baseball players like CC abuse filler phrases like YA KNOW

  18. aye he rode through my block

  19. I totally respect him for checking into rehab, but to do that right before the playoffs start is weird and makes me think something else was going on. He's probably been drinking like that his whole career, why fuck over your team for the postseason when you can keep drinking for the next month then go to rehab

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