Rehab – King of Tweakers

Music video by Rehab performing King of Tweakers. (C) 2011 Average Joes Entertainment Group, LLC.



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  1. Always on point and to the facts.

  2. Ritz just chill in thea background


  4. Shit winds

  5. This song brings back good memories

  6. It's sad when this is your getting high them song…2019 rip me

  7. It's a masterpiece of a song, and the video does it wonderful justice. How this didn't gain more attention will always be a mystery to me.
    Edit 1.5 mil views – lol #dannyboone

  8. I'd share this with certain folks but this ='s instant tweak to some. Like it !

  9. Meth is a hell of a drug, destroys oneself , my mind addled my body deteriorated many times I looked back at that monster in the mirror and seen my buddy’s in the same boat how different it used to be , then enter the fresh users thinking it’s fun and games well play on you poor lost youth. May you all find your way back

  10. . RITZ pops in and nods arms crossed and shit I was waiting for dude to bust out a couple bars and it didn’t happen?? Wtf ?

  11. This song is high key SHIT!!!!!!!

  12. The world is full of tweakers everywhere you look you see tweakers here in the valley they are everywhere on my street clean down to next Town we be tweaking all the way to the show this song is the truth and damn good song

  13. Ya"ll im down i wanna keep my teeth

  14. I'm really stepping out of the box here people but we are all going to die very soon. I'm sure you've heard the word about the world being flat(if not look it up) it's actually true it appears round because of the black hole coming our way that kills us all, well you all. Unless you want to figure out a riddle. A bat and a dog bark and squeak one hits a wall the other falls dead. What happened to them is stired and shaken. Who killed them? Lol

  15. 1:28 Rittz in the background, fuck ya

  16. " ive methed up royaly "
    Nice lyrics

  17. who else just realized thats rittz in the background

  18. Love Danny Boone!!!!!

  19. Anybody peep RITTZ.

  20. I've methed up everything!

  21. Has anyone noticed rittz it's just sitting there

  22. This is literally the worst song ever your freak

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