Rehab Addict: Nicole Curtis

Get to know Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis in this video biography.



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  1. She is the hottest women on tv!!!!! You are so beautiful babe

  2. She needs a set of DDs ūüėČ

  3. I love her work

  4. I agree with PING1. plus I just love the way she promotes work site safety in some of her tv commercials. RUNNING A RADIAL ARM SAW WITH THREE FOOT OF HAIR HANGING DOWN!!!! typical blond!!!!! I wonder if she's smart enough to change her unsafe ways when she gets a hand full of hair and scalp yanked out! stupid!

  5. I adore Nicole, she is amazing. Her renovations are so full of love and care for the original building, while still walking the line of reasonable modernisation. What a woman! This promo is super-weird though, but I love her so much I don't care. I can't believe some of the haters – I'm pretty certain they never actually watched more than a half an episode. She nearly always paints neutral colours and fixes the houses from the bare bones upwards. If any of the haters would watch an entire season they would 'get' her. She has never painted anything purple unless she was forced to by someone she's doing a room up for, alternatively she used some bright colours on a housefront of a 'painted lady' type house after consulting historical experts on how a home of that vintage was actually painted at the time it was built. I suppose there will always be cranky people out there looking to say something negative. I'm glad she has a lot of staunch supporters out there also! Go Nicole! <3

  6. Whenever someone has success it seems there is someone there to cut them down & pick them apart.Give the girl a break & remember she was already doing this & TV came looking for her. You are all envious of her ability & beauty.I think she ROCKS !! She has great talent, & beauty inner & outward beauty. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER SHOW !!

  7. Let me guess how she'll renovate this one: too dark wood stain on all wood, subway tiles in the bathroom, same as every house she does.

  8. When does Rehab Addict ever come on TV? All I ever see anymore is those real estate shows where people are trying to find a house. Those are so so irritating because years ago this channel used to be about everything regarding designing, decorating, remodeling your home. It is starting to feel like this channel is nothing more than a real estate commercial and I don't even want to see those. I am however glad there is at least one show that goes with the theme of this channel: Fixer Upper. Please bring back relevant shows like it used to be. Just my rant for the day. Have been wanting to say this for a long time. lol

  9. Stop saying inappropriate things about and to Nicole!

  10. Nicole I would like to see you nude

  11. best sexy milf in the world!

  12. i want to do it with her in the bed room and cum her in the face

  13. The point of Rehab Addict is to show what a home can be with determination and heart. It would be impossible for one person to take on some of these homes with the amount of work they need. We all know that Nicole Curtis is gorgeous but that's not what the show is about. Her and her team bring life to these homes and what they look like by the time her and her team are done with it is amazing. Her and her team are not just saving homes. They are building a life for the people that decide to buy these homes and that's what it comes down to. Heart and determination.

  14. I have been in the plumbing industry for over 25 years and am a 3rd generation master plumber. I have only seen 1 trades(person) who's skill and leadership abilitys equal Ms Curtises. Renovations on older structures are ( in my opinion ) the most complex of all construction projects. The construction techniques, materials and unforeseen issues multiply the further you proceed through a project of this type. She sails through these issues seemingly effortlessly. From stain glass windows to plaster repairs ( almost impossible to find someone skilled at that anymore ) she is a talented artist. I have seen her I power communities and enlist the help of children to develope an inner city garden ( which she purchased the land for and then donated ). I admire her greatly.
    Btw I'm working for the other tradesperson. Also a lady.


  16. Great work! My dad saw you on TV in Los Angeles, and mentioned you to me on the phone tonight…..

  17. She's s joke, she paints her houses in terrible colors. Who wants s purple house? I'm a painting contractor and I've dealt with people like her. She changes her mind constantly but probably pays slave wages. And she doesn't build right she cheaply puts lipstick on them.

  18. Nicole, I need your help….my great grandparents house is going to be in my possession and the history of it is over 100 years. my great uncle is still alive and is 94 years old but cannot live in the house anymore. ¬†This house is our family's history..I am in Michigan..please contact me

  19. I always welcome a non Jewish face on the TV.

  20. // great show your pretty hot, without intensity theres nothing/ just imbolization, / a fact you know well. good job in detroit wish we could help.

  21. Hi Nicole, LOVE your show. I grew up in an old house and I've often wished I could go back and fix it up to it's original glory (it sure wasn't much when we lived there, but looking back, it really could have if we would have known what to do). You do a great job – love your vision and creativity when you repurpose the materials!¬† I hope you ignore some of the sophomoric comments shown here. My Mom always said it's a sign that they're jealous (or are rather ignorant). Kuddos to you ūüôā

  22. Hi Nicole , I just started to watch your shows and you are a amazing woman. I wish you could do my house . Keep up the good work.

  23. Nicole, I love watching you restore these beautiful old homes to their former glory.  You are utterly amazing.  Margaret Sanger is my favorite hero but you are right up there jockeying for favorite with her.  I love watching you do your thing and wish I could do it too.  I'm on a rolling walker due to crippling arthritis but if I weren't disabled, I swear.  I hope you are inspiring others to restore their cities!  Cudos to you for not only saving these old houses but for restoring them instead of turning them beige!  They are so much more beautiful than the modern blah!

  24. i like it when nicole wears flipflops on the work site- shows her fake portrayal of a working class person

    she's not as good of a contractor than jenny garth though- what a joke t.v is
    , she'd get more respect as a stripper
     actually, she does show her assets like a stripper

  25. TELL NICOLE……. she has HAIR on her arms as long as an APE

    someone buy her a WAX JOB

  26. you do a great job restoring those old homes, but where does all the MONEY come from, to pay for the restorations and professional labor ? 
    Bill Gates could restore homes really well too….
    the best restos are the ones done with little or no money.

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