Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Lyric Video)

Download the Instrumental backing tracks here, watch the lyric videos, film your version and then upload it to YouTube. When it’s …



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  1. just imagine if she say "yes,yes,yes"

  2. Come back, please!

  3. Now how can you dislike song like that? Love you Amy.

  4. Rip Queen

  5. i miss her so much, my quenn
    RAINHA ♥

  6. 18th Amendment. Should've stuck with that.

  7. If only she did

  8. Hey, sweet angel. We miss you. Like, a lot. Got it? ✨

  9. This song hurts my heart…. "I just need a friend" a cry for help

  10. Jesus I'm so sorry we lost her she was an amazing talent

  11. 2019 present ❤

  12. this song is everyones song who is addicted , in DENIAL ,when some one is forced to go to rehab, its like loosing leaving everything they love …your bottle , your high, your friends your self ,all you know is your addiction , its powerful controls ones life , in drug alcohol addiction the person is not them self,, …being clean person is a person they do not know , because they do not know how to live clean sober , i love how rehab helps people find them self stay clean and sober , in her case its sad because she passed away may she rest in peace

  13. Love you Amy ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  14. Omg some people here… She went to rehab. She was stone cold sober and that's why she died. If she kept drinking she would still be with us. And that's the real irony.

  15. Sad History Amy… Miss you….

  16. 2019 BR❤

  17. They tried to make me go to rehab I said no no no now im dead dead dead

  18. I feel like this has to someting to do with the illuminati, I mean "Rehab" she doesnt want to go because she doesn't want to be cloned. Sorry I watch too much shane dawson.

  19. Her songs and name

  20. I will know her till I die

  21. I wish I could hear her sweet voice again and again but she is in a better place

  22. 2018 – 2019 (?

  23. unreal video.. well done master

  24. Eu amo muito a aym asmu sica

  25. I prefer whindersson

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