A heroin addict's emotional first days in rehab

In the second part of a “CBS Evening News” series on the heroin epidemic gripping the U.S., Jason Amaral, an addict in Boston, goes through his first day of …



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  1. Good for jason

  2. Instead of hitting that chair or whatever we should hit the system which is not working properly against the drug problems..
    If u don't have access to things Ur mind think about that but if u have do access than it's like candy in the shop which I don't want to buy or eat..
    Drug should be legalized in a different ways..
    Not like candy but like things like medicine..
    Don't do drugs
    Say yes to life..

  3. I am an addiction specialist.. They did not show the harsh detox process. Thats when its crewcial that he is watched and relapse prevention technique should be put in place depending on the person's emotional state. This is the most important stage of the process to recovery.

    An addiction specialist has to be open and knowlegable enough to do a 1:1 session or a perfect psycho/education group session ending with some relapse prection excersies and a pistive feedback message.
    the first 1-3 days are the toughest. You have to pick a TX. Plan perfect to fit that currtin individuals needs and goals. most important is showing them that you genuinely care and are open and willing not to proved advice but to listen.. Actively listen to them with positive and uncoditional regard.

  4. I don’t know how to live a life sober but I don’t do drugs I just drink 24/7 even at work.

  5. Jus smoke weed

  6. 3 people an hour in america? 2016 is lucky

  7. that looks like a very nice detox!! the one I went to the staff were horrible and lacked compassion. there was no counselling and I left because if I stayed I would have stuck a fork in a mains socket or something similar.

  8. I decided to take heroin and didn’t even know what it was worst mistake of my life!!

  9. weve been dancin with mr brownstone
    hes been knockin' he wond leave me aloooooooooooone

  10. Drugs are the most important to American society, it come directly from the government and with out drugs the USA won't stand, it is the main thing and target of control.

  11. 2:18 These wussies FLEW from Boston to New Jersey? Lazy addict bums

  12. He would not be on camera the next day like that.. I couldn’t get out of bed and was shitting on myself and puking and laying in it for the first 2-3 days of detox

    Edit: o he’s on subs

  13. My boyfriend is addicted to heroin. Many people along with myself have tried convincing him checking into rehab. I've been sober almost 4 years

  14. Jason is Handsome guy he can become actor

  15. proud of this kid <3

  16. Nah in my opinion all that facing up to 'emotions' etc can only truly work ,mean something when all opioids are gone ,he still got them(substitutes) running through his system.I think being clean only starts when everything is gone.

  17. Two of best friends died from heroin.. they were good people.. awesome people, who made terrible decisions.please
    Don’t judge people who do heroin, they aren’t who they appear to be.. my buddies were
    Two of the most loving and giving people I knew,
    Who died from a terrible addiction.. get well Jason do it for all the addicts to give them hope

  18. What if you sniff baby powder

  19. On Friday he'll get high again..not much to do on that day but get high..

  20. I never used heroin, but hey, there is a first time for everything right?

  21. Just legalise weed tho. The big pharma will go down including the tobacco company. Problem solved.

  22. When he hit the pillow with the bat i teared up

  23. Suboxone helped me tremendously!!!

  24. Lol he crying about that! He's coming off his high

  25. This is boston for ya

  26. Do you have a tool that's not yours?

  27. They’re north-easterners. How does anyone even know they’re high? Kinda like Californians

  28. I am entering rehab tomorrow at 9am I have abused opiates for almost 13 years and I am so afraid. I'm mostly afraid of the withdrawals and having to face all the harsh reality of all my selfishness, my actions, hurting my family. It's so much coming into place almost like getting hit by a truck head on one minute your fine next your hit and have to wake up to face the truth. I need all the support I can get. Jason I support you whole heartedly and am proud of you for being opened to wanting a better life.

  29. I just lost my brother to heroin/mostly fent at the end of September, I wish you and anyone else trying to get clean the best <3

  30. I've done a lot of things, never stuck a needle in my arm but I was definitely fighting some real demons. These videos help me realize how lucky I've been. Hard to believe doctors used to prescribe heroin for a cough.

  31. So sad he is so cute.

  32. Anything is possible. I was a herion addict for three years and I'm now clean. U can do it baby.

  33. People are suffering because of a selected few.

  34. I wonder who is bringing it in???? Who are controlling the poppy fields in Afghanistan???? YEAA USA. No SUPRISE there.

  35. I have a cousin who is addicted to heroin. It’s horrible to see what it’s done to him and where he can end up if he doesn’t get out of it. I had seen him going thru withdrawal and it’s simply horrible.

  36. Or, should heroin be free and administered in a safe setting?

    Indeed, the problem with heroin is it's only 5% heroin and 95% other stuff, correct?

  37. Cannabis legalization question:

    If cannabis were legal, and you had access to really potent stuff, would you STILL try oxy, coke, heroin, etc.?

  38. Stay in drugs, don't do school.

  39. I hope Jason is doing alright

  40. Nobody could help you but your self.

  41. My cousin died from heroine and I just hope more people like Jason can recover from this terrible poison

  42. Where was the detox? He should be extremely sick right now….or the first few days…

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