Cord Blood

How umbilical cord blood could save your life

Cord blood from three different babies saved Chris’s life after he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Read his story: …



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  1. I wonder where my umbilical cord is now

  2. I wonder what they do with foreskins

  3. In small Croatia, you can donate umbilical cord blood in 23 hospitals. You have to do some paper work during your pregnancy about health issues (to make sure you don't using some medication thet can infect the cord blood) and they go with procedure if you get brth on time (between 38-42 weeks)

  4. So informative thank you

  5. wow, i didnt know that

  6. A week ago I just had a baby. Someone from the hospital asked me if I wanted to donate and sure enough I did. I hope that we made a difference.

  7. Well I'll be darned.

  8. Is this facility available in India?

  9. Whats the point to vedio if i have to read.

  10. YouTube app it's in vehicles with a driver wants to know cannot read while driving, when you don't put any narrating you get a dislike.

  11. Preserving the Umbilical Cord blood is really necessary. One of my cousin's baby faced a lot of issues in the future and through cord blood preservation the child was saved as we had preserved it in LifeCell and we were really happy the way they had treated us. If you people also want to preserve your child's cord blood click in this link and know more{term}&matchtype=e&utm_content=search+text+ads&network=g&device=c&bid=share-branded-v5-srh&devicemodel=&creative=266425725075&adposition=1t1&placement=&target=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsq3mjoWH2wIVloqPCh3neQXxEAAYASAAEgJDWvD_BwE

  12. Thanks for the productive information. I found a little more convenient information on MyCord for the same.

  13. There is so much buzz about stem cell banking these days. I recently visited a hospital and saw posters talking about how it helps saves the child from 80+ life threatening diseases.

  14. very clear thank you !

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