Cord Blood

Cord Blood Banking – Is it right for you?

Whether to do Cord Blood Banking is an important decision for parents-to-be and in this video I talk all about what I learnt when I was considering it for my baby.



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  1. Thank you so much

  2. Someone told me that cord blood can be used only upto 15 years & not more than that.?

  3. Do not be fooled people!! Yes there have been many stem cell transfusions but almost always from donors, because you need healthy cells to get better.
    Leukemia for instance would NOT be treated with ones own cells!!!!

  4. Hindi me banao video

  5. Which one is good to store stem cells?

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for your information. Which private bank did you choose to store the cord billed cells?

  7. Hello Vidya… Loved all ur videos… Keep posting.. very helpful to me during my pregnancy and afterwards…I have a 5yrs old girl and a 2months old boy.. can u suggest something for baby sleeping that they can have a good sleep..

  8. Thank you for all the helpful info. I am so relieved to know that government offers a solution for free because it is expensive.

  9. So the baby is robbed of the 30% of essential blood/stem cells needed to flow freely in the body to reach the brain and restore any normal/natural stress occurrence during birth. Do not do this. Delay clamping till the pulsing stops and the cord is flat white. Give the baby every drop of blood. Donate the placenta and cord to the public bank pool to salvage whatever if you choose. God's design is perfect. The cord stem cells need to flow freely and unclogged to the baby. This is how it's been since the BEGINING .

  10. Wat if the mother has wheezing and wen the stem cells are taken they can't be treated for the same disease?

  11. Hi vidya mam how to I get a job in stem cell banking?

  12. thnx it is informative

  13. Thanks for sharing the information Madam…

    My wife is 7 months pregnant now…and we are residing in Karnataka, India…

    M trying to know everything about umbilical cord blood banking systems and it's pros n cons…
    M from a middle class family n I have thalessemia minor…

    There is a chance, that my baby may get thalassemia minor or may not…
    So I definitely want to go for this…

    Here's a tricky question..

    As I searched and discussed with the people, I am yet to decide between public one or private…

    As am from economically weaker… I m confused…
    Also need to know the pros as well as cons of this….
    . please suggest me
    Thank you…
    My mail is

    If you have some papers regarding stem cell technology research and it's future advantages please send me…

  14. Hey … your videos are great and thank you for all the great info . Could you please let me know which bank you chose ?

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information, Vidya! I’m looking at CBR too. Did you opt to store both cord blood and tissue? And which plan did you select- lifetime or 18 years?

  16. can i use my cord stem cell for my brother's treatment .. he has suffering from cerebral palsy

  17. In Lifecell agreement paper they clearly mentioned some points which confusing me..
    As per there agreement
    1.They are not collecting tissues where as cordlife is collecting the tissues.
    2.Umbilical cord means the blood inside umbilical cord and/or placenta..Is that much sufficient??
    3.Community banking system where they can use child umbilical cord blood specimen for non-exclusive use..The matching ratio is 40,000:1.what if they can do if they don't found the matching whose umbilical cord they used b4 tough they are giving 2,000,000 what is the use of that.
    4.Lifecell disclaims any responsibility any fault for Transporter where as transporting is their responsibility..why the client suffer from their mistakes..
    5.most importantly they mentioned that child's own Umbilical cord blood specimen shall not be available for the child and/or its immediate family use..
    What rubbish..then what the point of storing my baby umbilical cord blood specimen with you people.. assurances can be provided on the maintenance of viability for indefinite storage and specimen may lost due to machine failure or accidents..
    Why we people suffer from your faults..
    7.client understand that no surety can be provided by third party courier or by Lifecell on the safe and timely transport..means you have to collect of your own..bullshit.. EMI facilities

    Guys..very much confused..after studying their agreement thorrowly is it a wise decision to go with Lifecell..plz reply…your suggestions are very much appreciated by us..Thanks in advance..

  18. Which is better in between lifecell & cordlife?plz reply..Thanks in advance

  19. Just a small clarification. If the cod is been deposited in govt then how cum it will be given to someother person who asks for it. As it only can be used by their relatives only right

  20. What do you think about community Stem Cell banking ?

  21. Hello I deal with life cell bank is it right ?

  22. Iske liye mujhe kisse contect kerna hoga , pls send adress or phone no. any private cord bank….in m.p. or other near state…


  24. Explained very well..

  25. Thnx.. which company did you used..any good company you are aware in India?.. also what's the difference between community banking and private banking

  26. It's good information mam

  27. Which one did u go for

  28. i really like your way of talking

  29. Hi can u make video on feeding baby other than breast milk

  30. Share some information what all I can do to welcome new born. It's my first time so m excited. Want to make changes in my room. N small things I can do in this regard.

  31. Very useful information shared. Thanks! Please make some more videos on essential information which one should know for first time mothers

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