Seven Testing Principles: Software Testing software -testing-seven-principles.html . This Testing tutorial for beginners explains 7 types of Testing in Software Testing. The principles …



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  2. I enjoyed watching the video. 😀

  3. Kind of hard to test an operative system (OS) that your test software are built on. 😀

  4. Do I need a degree or any kind of special certification to be a QA tester?

  5. software testing

  6. Who else is watching this for a better position at work?

  7. Which operation is most likely to cause your operating system to fail?
    B. Opening Internet Explorer

  8. The Pesticide Paradox doesn't occur when you don't use test (check) cases. Testers explore the product, ask questions, revise testing approach, communicate findings to xy & z levels of management. And then continue to learn, evaluate, question and explore the product further.

  9. min 3:39 Testing INCREASES the chance of undiscovered defects remaining in the software

  10. good information. thanks

  11. 3:35 testing failure. TESTIG

  12. 1:37 You have bug: IE is misspelled=)

  13. que canteada la de Microsoft!

  14. Je ne comprends pas …? j'ai peut-être des doutes,mais c'est pas mon affaire..!

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