How To Manage a Software Development Project

Are you trying to build the right product but can’t seem to figure it out? In this video, I want to share my strategy for managing projects and getting things done on …



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  1. The 4 things you talked about are very helpful.

  2. Total meaningless, utter BS. Such a waste of time. Ridiculous in compared to the name of the video!

  3. Dan, don't listen to all this rude comment, you are awesome! I'm a founder of a SaaS startup, very new to the industry (former cosmetic products.. totally different) and I really enjoy your videos and all the content you provide! It helps me a lot and is very important to me to learn from your experience – thank you very much for all the free content and please continue doing it, you're great! Greetings from Munich, Germany

  4. 4 minutes in and he still hasn't said one god damn thing of value. This is your typical "consultant" who sells something they are totally clueless about.

  5. As a web developer, the vast majority of exposure I have had with project managers has been a complete loss. They don't understand how to code. Therefore, any explanations about my work are completely lost. They always added or changed requirements during our sprints and never allocated more time. They were never available. This was mostly because they were trying to appease their boss and I did not count as important. Coincidentally, all these project manager had a very short employment span and barely anything ever got finished.

    Many times at many places the project managers boss would simply contact me and disregard the PM. This is typical from my experience.

    I had one project manager who used to be a software engineer. He is the only one that knew what I was talking about. He was in meetings all day every day and was eventually fired for lack of productivity. I was looking around to see if my experiences were normal and found this:

    Do you feel the problems I experienced were normal? Would you stand your ground if your boss cut you out of the communications chain and went straight to the developer? How many meetings would you accept before putting your foot down and saying "I can't get any work done with my team because I'm always tied up".

  6. Good video, straight forward advice, thank you.

  7. One kind of wonders what kind of software project this person manages if 1.2 million on a software project, over a couple of years, in the US, is a large investment.

  8. Most of this is just rambling so you can monetize this video.

  9. as a project manager what should be our choice to choose SDLC for a project that will take 2-3 years to complete?
    reason also required .

  10. This is a very basic and useless video designed for knuckle heads. It hardly contains any information on software project management. It is just a video of this guy sounding like an empty air head and ranting about his history of work with software project management. It is not a technical informative video rather an empty promise video to solicit traffic to his website. A complete waste of time. The video sounds like one of those new age Twilight saga movies with promise to deliver some content and nothing comes out. Dan martell do not waste our time.

  11. extremely annoying. just like a sales pitch you didn't want

  12. Great video, although I'm definitely not a tech person and this is just way too much for me 😉 That's why I'm going to cooperate with external software developers – do you know any you could recommend? I heard some good opinions on, but I'm looking for alternatives.

  13. In the center of project management, there's the document management (avoiding multiple versions of truth, avoiding the single point of failure by sharing knowledge in the team, leveraging review process and controlled information dissemination by revision control etc.) Papirux's just filling that gap and making project management easier in different ways.

  14. Interesting but very basic and useful information

  15. Sout sa ga ayan myar dae kwr sout paw

  16. right to the point, thankyou.

  17. Awesome tips, thank you! How do you explain the specs if you are not trained or have experience with building software? I don't know how to communicate details when I don't know what the details are. All I know is the big picture of what I want to build. Maybe hire a software developer coach? Or is the clickable prototype enough detail?

  18. Thanks, Dan! Definitely think well-timed communication/check-ins make a big difference. I'm not a big Gantt Chart fan, but still love the library! The brick is classic but wood's awesome…if you're going for a simple reclaimed look this might be helpful?

  19. Love the new background Dan. It's a little on the yellow side!

    Thanks fine sharing this. It's good to know you hate Gantt charts as much as I do!

  20. Thanks Dan! I finally hired my first contractor on Upwork recently and we shipped a React product for a recent client – on time, on budget. I'm really enjoying Project Management and it's much easier coming from the dev side of things. For this contractor, I set up a Github branch (v0.1.0 for beta release) and had him execute on the user stories as you mention here. What was awesome, is that after every workday I could check out his branch, pull the code, and run it to screenshot new bugs and update the user stories. Know any good screenshot => github/trello apps/chrome extensions? Excited to take it to the next level with a few other contractors involved!

  21. Everything in your company is a project, yet learning how to manage resources (scope, time & budget) are skills learned while doing. Here’s the story of when I was forced to learn.

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