Best PHOTO Editing Software for PC and MAC!

Best Photo Editing Software. Photo Editing Software which are really amazing for photo editing are covered in this video. This video covers the 5 best photo …



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  1. Hi guys! Back with another video on Best Photo Editing Software!

    Adobe Lightroom – 0:29
    Adobe Photoshop – 3:00
    Google NIK – 6:41
    Capture One Pro – 10:05
    Luminar – 12:46

  2. This video is so good! This lead out everything so clearly! Exactly what I needed! Great job man

  3. Bro plz tell me best laptop for editing in budget

  4. Ok how do we downloaded the best software for Photoshop and Lightroom

    Can you show me how to downloaded the file

  5. Could you please suggest edditing apps in phone

  6. HI saurav…
    suggest me best laptop for editing purpose around 1lakh budget.
    thanks in advance

  7. How to download in free

  8. Haw to download lightroom app bro

  9. thanks bro

  10. good bro

  11. Friend, tell some free editing software!!

  12. New Unmesh Dinda 😀
    Nice work man, keep up.

  13. can you recommed a good software for making channel art and thumbnails?

  14. Which will be best video editing software?

  15. nyc bro!

  16. Google Nik free?

  17. Bro one capture pro install error problem

  18. plz tell me eos r is best cam r not

  19. Your English very good brother

  20. hey saurav can you tell about how to transfer photos from camera to laptop exactly that quality? and one more question is that the image quality is getting low after using spanseed and adobe lightroom ? what i should do and where i am doing wrong

  21. Sir plzz tell me which version of Lightroom u are talking about .is it Lightroom cc or Lightroom classic

  22. Bro one quesrion i have to ask it's technical but not that deep. Which macbook will be best for lightroom n photoshop and all these softwares you told. I think you are using pro. Is pro base is enough will adobe photo editing work smoothly or not. Or macbook air

  23. I liked your every video
    I learned many things
    Can you please say me from where i can download photoshop cs6
    Please sent the link

  24. Bro. Which version is better.. for Lightroom,, pc or mobile?

  25. capture one is paid app

  26. It's free

  27. I have my perfect photo esitor hd 2019 and i want to sharee 🙂

  28. chettan malayaali yaanennu thonniyavar like sdi

  29. Google Nik bekar hai..
    Pictures Quality ko barbad kr deta hai.. totally bakwaas

  30. I wondered with u r English super

  31. Hi Savro,
    Maine kai logon k photo edetting video dekhe magar tumhara teach katne k technic bahut easy aor sahel hai.
    Mai aap k video ki membership lena chahta hoon magar hum bahut sare bigginer photographer ki mushkil hai k hum adobe light room ka crack bargain kahan se download Karen.
    Agar online lete hain to who Hamare liye bahut mahenga hoga . Kya aap koi aisi sight bata sakte hain jahan hum adobe light room down load karke aap ki teaching me photo edetting learn karsaken .
    Then pleas suggest any link to down load adobe Lightroom.

  32. I want to talk to u so can we talk in whatsapl

  33. How to download adobe photoshop on MacBook Air

  34. Bro is it adobe photoshop c6 or cc and show me please how to download if you either using one of them

  35. How you edit video

  36. bro sary to buy karny parey gain

  37. How can purchase bro for pc from official side of software

  38. Hi bro i cant edit a raw image in lightroom can anyone tell

  39. Hi Saurav, very happy with the content in your channel. If you know, can you suggest any YouTube source about video editing softwares.

  40. 1m subscribers?

  41. Bhaiya ek kisi editing software no elaborate Kar de totally. Since I am a beginner and please contact. Me on Gmail

  42. what's the name of the software

  43. how this ranking is done??

  44. Is there SNAPSEED for PC? How can i download it for free?

  45. How can i download adobe lightroom for free? PLEASE HELP

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