What is Software?



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  1. Great video. Very clear and brief. Congrats!

  2. So easy to

  3. Almost everything today is about software, Even machines that do a certain job, there is less and less physical electronics, and when you buy a CNC machine, A washing machine, a microwave, a TV, what you buy is just the necessary hardware like mechanics or the display, and a computer, that runs the actual software. Those ultra small computers are called "micro controllers", a decade or 2 ago there were more actual electronics, today you can even temporarily create logic circuits by software in the bare silicon, this is called FPGA. There are no longer any cam timers with mechanical switches, there is just a computer running software that trigs different output connected to power transistors, yes, solid state transistors, no relays any more. If you want to learn to develop such stuff, search for "Arduino" or "Element 14"

  4. nice explanation

  5. Beautiful

  6. Yeah, but what is it? You are just describing what it does. Ones and zeros only explains how it is written. What is software?

  7. it is too vague. it is more like a definition of a process rather than a software.

  8. How did you record your screen?

  9. Or basically allows the user to interact with the hardware. The software is the ghost, the hardware is the shell,lol

  10. nice explanation thank you very much 🙂

  11. Bro not to hurt your feelings but u r not a good teacher

  12. Rubbish explanation

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