The Art of Writing Software

CHM Exhibition “Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing” Software is more than obscure computer code. It’s an art form: a meticulously-crafted literature …



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  1. A Place at the Table. A documentary of black pioneers of silicon valley.

  2. Binary is NOT "on/off" because a computer always has electricity flowing through it while it is turned on. Instead, the actual binary that computers use is "high/low" in terms of voltage, whereby there can be a threshold distinction between the high and low states. This is what actually more exactly happens with binary functioning in computers.

  3. Weird that they didn't say the word "mathematics" even once. Although, its math.

  4. 6:08 any sources for that far off claim?

  5. I can’t fathom how 1s and 0s become the foundation of computing information

  6. I used to love the VIC20 and C64 when I was a kid. Now, I program PLCs for factory automation. I went to a decent college for electronics. Lot's of lab work. Good decisions. Also, computers aren't assholes to the degree that humans are. In the future, I hope to avoid dealing with humans altogether.

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  8. That’s awesome skill which having it make genuinely

  9. Great quality I like it

  10. What a great video! So inspirational. I see why I am studying CS without any passion for mathematics but I am forcing myself to understand. Thank you

  11. Software rocks!!!!!

  12. Where is the newline at the end of "hello, worldn" ?

  13. everyone can do programming , but how useful you find it to be , it remmains for you

  14. The art of Spaghetti with no sauce, spaghetti, or anything edible.
    Plus who needs Data structure when you have JSON ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  15. def post_skiddie_comment(sentiment_in):
    if sentiment_in == "threatened":
    print("You people can't code for shit!")
    elif sentiment_in == "proud":
    print("I totally get Knuth! I'll bet he's the only other human who TRULY understands what REAL programming is like!")
    elif sentiment_in == "called_out":
    print("I don't share my code because I have invented new techniques of programming that I want to patent someday.")
    print("Programming is for fucking nerds, anyway.")

  16. Love this analogy!

  17. It's a global information which I already know, but anyway thanks !

  18. Donald Knuth is a legendary person. I have his book called art of programming algorithms fundamental. It is one of the unique book in algorithm. I think his book are mostly used by hobby programmer.

  19. as singing programmer i approve this message

  20. i remember writing down some code on paper and pretending it was visual studio in math class

  21. Project: is small
    Node developers: REQUIRES 500 PACKAGES FROM NPM

  22. No thanks.

  23. Prnit(“HELLO VIRGINS”)

  24. Niceee video

  25. not so often can we hear about what it really means to program. Thanks for this work, overall good.

  26. My first computer was a comador 64 and I thought that was the best at the time

  27. Proud to be a developer ❤. Any other developers here?

  28. Finally a general video of coding history. How come no one talks about the history of computers.

  29. :VBSDynamicBuild

    SET TempVBSFile=%temp%~tmpSendKeysTemp.vbs

    IF EXIST "%TempVBSFile%" DEL /F /Q "%TempVBSFile%"

    ECHO Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") >>"%TempVBSFile%"

    ECHO Wscript.Sleep 1 >>"%TempVBSFile%"

    ECHO WshShell.SendKeys "{F11}" >>"%TempVBSFile%

    ECHO Wscript.Sleep 1 >>"%TempVBSFile%"

    CSCRIPT //nologo "%TempVBSFile%"

    goto screen

    color f0


    pushd C:Program Files (x86)BraveSoftwareBrave-BrowserApplication

    title browser

    echo to search on google (search engine)

    echo type it like this:

    echo the cat is jumping

    echo ——————————————————

    echo whitout spaces. use + sign as space (without quotes)

    echo ——————————————————

    set /p "search=>"


    goto screen

    there… a web browser for you 🙂

    p.s please hire me

  30. What a great production quality. I wish this was just the introduction to a 2 hour video

  31. As a software engineer, I feel blessed

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