Velocity Banking With a Credit Card




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  1. Just moved to Florida! Howdy neighbor.

  2. Have you used access checks from credit cards? Terms are usually a 4% fee for access to the money for about a year.

  3. If your cc limit is 5,000 and maxed out should you still take your paycheck and make a chunk amount payment to pay expenses? Or does the credit card have to initially be at a zero balance to use this formula.

  4. can someone summarize what he said? thank you!

  5. I hope someone can answer my question. When you say, obtain a line of credit… is that a credit card thats attatched to your checking account at the bank and you put your paycheck into that credit card? If so, let me see if I have this correct… so over time if the balance of the credit card is 0 and I add my paycheck into it, the credit card will allow you to over pay so you have a credit on the credit card? So for example, if i owe 1,000 on that line of credit and i add 4000 then theres a 3000 credit over the 0 balance then pay my bills with that 3000 over credit?

  6. My biggest problem is that I can't get approved for a PLOC yet. Using a CC with 22%apr still works but its not as good lets be honest. What I am wondering is if my limits will go up, credit score as well and ultimately if my net interest paid will still go down using a cc instead of paying my 17% car loan on its pay schedule.

  7. Good work Denzel. You got me thinking!

  8. Would it be a bad idea to move my current credit card debt to a new credit card that is offering say 21 Month 0% Interest intro on transfer balances and 12 months 0% interest intro? Example: Chase Simplicity. Was thinking it would create a more effective debt weapon?

  9. Thank you for your wonderful videos. Still, I do not understand how you or your viewers figure out the initial cash flow. Is it the difference between the monthly income and monthly expenses?

  10. If you make numbers, make them exactly. Expenses did not include rent making the goal hard to reach within the time frame you wrote on the paper.

  11. Hey Denzel, I have been watching all videos about this concept I could found on YouTube for about 2 years now. I started using this strategy myself after I understood the basics, but still have long way to go. So far your explanations are the easiest to understand. Thank you for what you do! My situation is complex for me even to analyze . I will need your help right after I refinance my third investment property with a bank, so I get rid of slavery of my private lender .

  12. Keep giving God rewards those who try and better His people. You can't out give God. Hilarious give without wanting in return you'll be blessed.

  13. I just need this desperately my friend!

  14. if you have multiple credit cards how do you use your credit card to pay other credit cards?

  15. So, today a friend of mine called me randomly and at first I thought he was trying to pitch me a business idea or sell me something. He was just pouring out all this info that eventually led me to receive a link to your videos. I must say, I’m impressed and in due time I’ll ingest enough info to create my own formula and crush some debt. Then, get my wife out of debt. SUBBED WITH NOTIFICATIONS.

  16. In this scenario this person must live rent or mortgage free? Because I don't see that expense listed.

  17. I finally understood how this can be done with my card and now i just realized I have an extra $1400 min to pay towards debt instead of only $750. I’m so excited! Thanks for this visual because I have to do it with a credit card and seeing real numbers helped!

  18. Great job Denzel you are really helping a lot of folks with your message. Congrats on going from 200 – 5.7K subs in 7 months… talk about velocity!

  19. How can I contact email is


  21. tell me how can I use a LOC when I don't have any debts to pay off? Is it still beneficial to get one. I wanted to get another home one day. would mortgage lender see the LOC and not want to approve loan?

  22. can you pull, chunk money from LOC and deposit/transfer it to your checking account so I can pay down a car loan?

  23. What is the best type of Debt Weapon? How do you make payments from that account? If you "write" a check you get charged a 1-5% fee. Need more details on how to pay my monthly expenses. Can I make a mortgage payment from a CC? So If I use "cash" to pay some of those expenses…am I keeping my checking account for that purpose? I get that its not cut and dry, but it can get convoluted for sure.

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  25. need to talk as soon as possible please

  26. I have 15k credit card limit with no balance.  I have 11k in student loan debt that I can't pay with my credit card. Any suggestions how I can do velocity banking?

  27. Hi i have a 0 percent car loan …. how would velocity banking help me?

  28. Hey Denzel can this work outside of the U.S. like in the Bahamas?

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