My Credit Score: 848 – Credit Card Hacks and How I got it. | BeatTheBush

Going over some basic tips on how to get a high credit score. But once you get a high credit score, what do you do with it? You take advantage of it to get all the …



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  1. Hurry up.. give me the Facts please..

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  3. I have 849

  4. I'm confused, after you cancel the credit card so you dont have to pay the Annual fee, do you reapply again? Or just get a whole different card

  5. Hi, can you tell me what the best utilization would be for two cards? One is $500 and the other card is $200. Do you keep each card under 10% or do you add the cards together and stay under 10% from the total of both cards? This is so confusing to me having two cards. Thanks!

  6. I’ve seen 900!

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  8. Doesn't cancelling cards bring down your credit? since the account is closed?

  9. Umm i have a friend that had the 850 so you can get it.

  10. Has US BANK Cash+ changed?

    It is not 5% on restaurants these days. It is 2% and then 5% on “fast food”.

  11. I had 350 credit score because I was young and dumb. Now 31 I’m still working twice is hard to get it back up. So I did a joint account with my fiance and that has helped me a lot I starter paying my collections little by little and now I’m at 627. I now have couple credit card and a new car. In this country if you don’t have good credit you ain’t going very far.

  12. Updated. Bank of America has autopay now.

  13. What is the best card for a absolutely beginner with no credit and what should I know before getting one

  14. Honestly man I appreciate you taking the time to do this video and teach us this

  15. I'm not looking forward to $20 at the end of the year for spending $1000. Or $5 for $250. But the Chase Sapphire with the 40k points is a great deal.

  16. US Bank Cash Plus is not 5% on gas stations and grocery stores. It is 2% on either gas stations or grocery stories, but not both.

  17. 5% cash back is nothing for the bank… every time you use your credit card, you are taking out a LOAN, which means NEW MONEY is created into existence – anyone who does not pay in full every month has to pay interest penalties, which we all know is super high, much higher than 5%. but the bank never lends out its own reserves, so every time you use your credit card and pay it back, the bank made money even without the interest penalty payments and the 5% cash back is them tossing a few pennies into your piss pot compared to how much money the bank makes off of you taking out lots of small loans via credit card.

  18. There is NO SUCH THING as a credit score, it is in fact a DEBT SCORE! If you need proof, take your 800 and pay off everything you own, be debt free , watch what happens to your score. It will nose dive.

  19. You are wrong I work at a dealership and have seen a couple people with 890 credit score.

  20. doesnt it affect you credit score when you cancel a credit card?

  21. Thank you! I’ve heard a lot of people discussing Capital One 360. Can you let me know your thoughts on this card? I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. I’m learning so much from you. I wish you many blessings!!

  22. Cool…

  23. Your leaving out…RISK..

  24. No thanks, not interested in worshiping at the alter of the FICO score

  25. Debt is dumb, cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the bmw as the status symbol of choice. The borrower is slave to the lender.

  26. I had a 850 score but I had a pay cut back in 2014 and

  27. Sallie Mae rewards card. What the f&@k

  28. Thank you again for another tip, I have been learning from it. A knowledge that you share to everyone.

  29. Another thing i would add is the use of Samsung Pay, i have all my cards similar to what you use loaded with the name of the credit card tagged for what its for, i just flick through them to the one i want to use, pay and i earn samsung rewards points and the credit card still sees the transaction as that subject 95% of the time.

  30. The only other thing i do outside of what you do is i have balance transfer cards used. I own a handful of rental properties, so what i do is i signup for the 0% balance transfer cards with 0 fee for first 30/60/90 days, then i transfer the full amount and apply it toward one of my rental properties mortgage to pay it down quicker, usually based off my income and credit i get balances as high as 16k, but i limit my transfer to the amount of rental income im expected to receive that year. Example last year i had the remaining 15.3K left on one of my Colorado Rentals @6.2% interest, i payed it off with the balance transfer card saving myself the 5.2%, paying the card off before the payoff period via autopay setup. saving about $950 for the year.

  31. I use auto pay for my Bank of America card.

  32. I have too many cards already. Should I try to get a better one? What about all my old ones? should I try to use them once a month?

  33. What's a credit score of 827 mean?

  34. Getting first class information is very important when you are trying to get your credit fixed. Knowing the condition on my credit, my friend who works at IRS referred to me. Thanks to my friend, I now have an excellent credit with no negative information.

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