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  1. you said stop at 4/24 and start applying the AMEX cards, what if I want to finish the Chase Trifecta in the near future?

  2. Y’all should go check out @drealtouch on IG. They solve all problems on credit card and load cool cash on it. I didn’t believe until I got my first share last week $10,000

  3. Would an Apple Card be any useful for a starter card other than flex value
    I also live in ny so Apple Pay is basically integrated in every business around me

  4. I had no credit so I got me a capital one platinum with a $300 limit after six months they raised limit to $500 I havr had it eight months now always pay in full every month before due date so now my credit score is a 707. I would like to get a card with rewards. Should I go for the amazon prime card by chase next or whats my best bet. I dont really want to get denied if I can keep from it. If they look at your money in the bank Im set on that end.

  5. bro what you think of paypal mastercard 2% back on everything!?.. future video?

  6. Does the 5/24 rule apply to debit cards too or no?

  7. Soooooooo I have a mortgage I'm paying 2,300 a month to beat down the interest fast….hopefully have it paid off in 2022. You're telling me I could put that house payment on any card of my choice?

  8. Knowledge is POWER!, You and I Have POWER, But I Must Say, Aye Man, This is a Family show you watch your language LOL!! Thanks!!

  9. Can I get chase Shapire prefered with less than a year credit history. Scores transunion 730, Equifax 685, Experian 712, two credit cards with total 1500 cl

  10. Great insight, thanks.

  11. Love Discover, but if you're looking to break into Chase with your first card; the Chase Amazon Prime Visa seems to gets approved with a bit more frequency.  Not a terrible first card either (as long as you shop at Amazon).  While the Prime membership can be considered an annual fee…if you're going to have Prime anyway…might as well benefit right?  It offers 5% at Amazon (and Whole Foods…but who cares about that?), 2% on fuel, eats, and pharmacies, 1% on all else.  Has a nice set of benefits as well (e.g. no foreign transaction fees, extended warranty, roadside assistance, lost luggage/baggage delay insurance, purchase protection, and secondary car rental insurance…primary if you're outside the US).  The signup bonus is pretty light ($70 Amazon gift card), but otherwise a pretty solid card…and the Prime version seems to be easier to get than a Freedom or Sapphire card.

  12. Dezz nutzzzz lol

  13. Everyone is going nuts over the increased chase sapphire preferred sign up bonus right now and I still don’t give a damn about it. Nothing is going to make me get that card over the reserve which I would have to wait 2 yard to get if I get the preferred.

  14. I got my first credit card Feb 22nd 19 and it was the discover IT, I then applied a month later for the amazon prime card by chase. Does that open the door to chase? I got approved for it.

  15. Store cards count towards the 5/24 rule? I thought it was only bank cards.

  16. Love the channel, keep it up.

  17. Literally Screw Chase, American Express has better sign up bonuses, better airline partners, better perks, customer service that actually treats you like a human being. I will never own a Chase card as long as I live

  18. Get this card, first! This is the only card, that will make you big residual income! PERIOD! Sign up for this card is at bottom of video!

  19. CREDIT CARDS ARE BAD BUY CASH you’d have to spend 100k to make 1k in points. Is it worth it getting in debt don’t listen to this guy. Look up Dave Ramey I saved your life your welcome.

  20. You said no chase cards…any

  21. From my personal experience this is how you wanna play the game. Get you a card that gives you the most cash back:Citi double cash back. Then you get the cards you can get 5% off rotation: chase freedom/discover it card. Amazon prime chase card you get 5%. Then get you a card that you don't pay foreign transactions fees: capital one venture one or quicksilver. At that point I am just signing up to credit cards to give me sign up bonus from 150-200 back if I spend between 500 to 3000 in the first 3 months. This is my game plan from a guy who is avoiding annual fees at all cost.

  22. How about the Citi Double Cash card? 2% cash back everywhere as a base card.

  23. Yeah man I just got approved for a Sapphire. I have Amex Gold, Everyday and Green. I also have a chase freedom. Your advice works man!

  24. Brian can you do a video on personal loans..taking out cash for buiness ..thx

  25. Can I be an authorized user on a year old card and get chase freedom/freedom unlimited? Or I have to have my own card for a year before applying for chase?

  26. Miss the intro!

  27. Chase also has the Amazon card.

  28. Can you make a video more in Depth about plastique? Bc don’t you have to have a card that’s offers a better cash back rate than the flat rate fee they charge ?

  29. Hi Brian can you show me how to get the clock on my computer like yours in the video background. Thanks!!!!

  30. Amex for flex value for sure.

  31. I like your selections. Amex rules the grocery and flex categories. Chase rules the business and insurance categories. Discover and Capital One are the easiest for cash back with a $0.01 redemption rate.

  32. Plastiq definitely worth helping me hit bonuses faster and churn the bigger cards where I need to spend $5 or $6k to hit the bonus. I pay rent and my car loan with it using whatever card I'm churning. Just got the 60k bonus points from the Hyatt card in two months, wouldn't have been able to hit it that fast without Plastiq and that's a 20% return, happy to pay 2.5% then. Plastiq Referral Code: 1163424

  33. I don't need that many credit cards though. I just have two now one discover it and one from a credit union that's really all I need.

  34. Use my link, I think this is the best starter Amex for points

  35. I got the Chase & American Express Double Edge Sword The tag Team cards 2 Each to earn that earn Great Rewards 😀

  36. What’s your opinion on Capital One Cards?

  37. Hmm, I wonder, since I open the AMEX SPG Luxury in October 2018, AMEX Hilton in December 2018, and AMEX Gold Card in January 2019 and they only did 1 hard pull for my SPG Luxury. Does that mean I "technically" only opened only 1 card? Great video bro, thumbs up!

  38. What credit score you recommend before getting the Amex card ?

  39. I applied for the discover it chrome student card and chase freedom unlimited(discover has rotating categories. Why be redundant) And I got accepted for both. There was a bill that was passed that if you dont have credit, they check your bank account and give you an interest rate accordingly.

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