We Want To Keep Our Credit Cards Just In Case

We Want To Keep Our Credit Cards Just In Case Get a FREE customized plan for your money. It only takes 3 minutes! Visit the Dave …



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  1. I don't have Debt Cards, that Why I save a no Debt and I have over $2000 in My Checking Account, and I have a Acorn Mutual Fund Account,

  2. 13 months later bet $10,000 they kept credit cards or some type of loans.

  3. I have paid off my high interest credit card, and my high interest fixed loan,and my next one is my zero interest card once done,they are going to be closed and the cards chopped up.
    The worst thing is that I have a very good credit score,due to the fact I pay my bills on time etc,and constantly being bombarded by credit card offers,I have learnt to say No,so many times
    It feels great to pay off my credit card, so no the ball is rolling,I am determined to clear all my debt,in time
    Going to be tough,as I am on a low income here in the UK

  4. I have several cards for different reasons. I pay them off monthly and enjoys the perks. I also the perks of a high credit score like a cheap mortgage I can pay off early and low insurance rates not to mention not having to worry about a compromised debit card. Then again, I'm not one of those people who needs to spend.

  5. This is the brutal truth. The only way I’m gonna get outta debt is by dropping the credit cards, the restaurants, and the vacations.

  6. She just needs to get rid of that instant gratification. She needs to live within her means.

  7. I just paused the video and shredded all my flipping plastic! First step is done! more to come!

  8. You said "we were broke… we couldn't even pay attention". That's downright funny… good stuff. Thanks, Dave.

  9. I just use a credit card for groceries and buying work related necessities

  10. Dave's sales pitch is so fantastic, he was leaning on her so hard with that "If you want to keep being like those people you talk to for the rest of your life" was immense. This guy could sell rice to the Chinese

  11. I wanna call in with my 21 year old brother I feel like not enough influence as the older sister backseat I don’t drive a flashy car or try to dress to impress all the time

  12. "Do it!…Do it!" I love it. Great advice.

  13. Who is this Justin Case guy?

  14. The irony here is that she is a bill collector, she does not seem like she's going to follow any of this advice.

  15. I’m an occupational therapist and yes you will make more money but you need to get your masters and have undergrad degree in health science or something related meaning you are going to be in school for at least 2-3 years and be more in debt with school loans. Oy

  16. I wonder her situation today. by the sound of her voice then, she'll add another ten grand of debt by today…

  17. I don’t have nearly as much debt I just don’t make enough I got to get my money up and I’d be fine

  18. He went all Papa Dave on her. My mom did that for me. She would literally demand to watch me put my student loan payments in. She got radical in the end.

  19. Wow he a good man .. he paid for their seminar

  20. Nothing wrong with credits cards if you know how to use them.

  21. no no no was the real answers here.

  22. Dave…. if you dont believe in credit, then why do you advise people to pay off their debt? File bankruptcy and make minimum payment on student loans. Then save and buy your home cash… cars cash etc

  23. She doesn't seem scared enough to get out of debt.

  24. Sis ain't cutting up them credit cards Dave

  25. Bill collector spending outrageously Jesus

  26. Surprised they let you be a bill collector if you're in debt

  27. She doesn’t sound too thrilled with Dave’s suggestions. I guarantee she doesn’t change one bit much less chop up her credit cards. She probably went out to eat and bought new shoes and charged it on her credit card an hour after she got off the phone.

  28. It’s all about self control. I always keep one credit card in my wallet in case some extreme unexpected emergency comes up. It always has a zero balance and I haven’t used it in several years and I see nothing wrong with keeping it for peace of mind.

  29. I keep my one credit card with me at all times. It has a 1500 dollar max on it just for emergencies. Don't use it much but it sure does make me feel a lot more secure when traveling or having a sudden medical expense. It's all about self control

  30. I can hear it in her voice, she knows his advice is sound but she's not willing to change or get out of the comfort zone. She'll come around in 10 years like me. In my 20's I recieved plenty of sound advice but I was stubborn and stupid. Now I'm 36 and on baby step 2.

  31. "you're stupid and you should have done what that crazy man told you to do.

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