Shopping Cart Trick for Rebuilding Credit

The shopping cart trick is useful for rebuilding credit or for people with no credit . [ Blog Post ] Keep your cards organized: …



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  1. I've been watching this channel for 2 years and this is the first time I've seen this.

  2. Attention: As of 2019 the shopping cart trick will not do a soft pull anymore and does require a hard inquiry and if you have bad credit this won’t work for you! Just did a Google search and is confirmed!

  3. Walmart gave me a hard pull.

  4. Do you have to use a computer

  5. This really helped me grow my credit and improve enough to climb to higher tiers. I treat them like any bonus card. Ex, Amazon prime store card and I got over $40 off a $90 order. Paid it and card is in proverbial sock drawer. Williams Sonoma, $20 off coupon on first purchase. I bought the one thing I really wanted, paid it off and put if off. When credit karma said I needed more actual credit cards I moved on. I found this channel right after. Really helped. I think half of my inquiries were hard pulls and the other half weren’t.

  6. Slow down

  7. Overstock did a hard inqury!

  8. Just tried this with Express (which I actually shop at) and got approved for a $1000 credit card, no hard inquiry. This is like magic, thanks for sharing!

  9. Does it work for Canadians?

  10. What card do you use for Amazon that is better total cash back? (on the Amazon website and not groceries gas etc.)

  11. I’m still confused.

  12. This is a very informative video and answered all of my questions. Having said that it is now over a year old so I would tread with caution using this method. Giving the current financial and political climate banks may have changed their policies.
    I just had my very last hard inquiry fall off of my credit report after two years and I don't want to risk getting another one so quickly.


  14. hard pulls now on comenity.

  15. Well I am not having any luck with this shopping cart trick. Do I have to register and then checkout or can I check out as a guest? HOw long do I wait until the offer comes? Please help. Thank you in advance.

  16. Hi .. New subscriber here.. I have a question .. I'd like to know if chase does a hard or soft pull if a new customer like myself is trying to open a new checking and Savings account with chase ..( In hopes of later being able to obtain one of the higher tier cards )

  17. I've been trying the SCT for months to rebuild my credit with but I've NEVER gotten any pop-up offers at all. ive tried everything. What am I possibly doing wrong? Please Help.. Thank You Angela O.

  18. I did the shopping cart trick Friday june 29th 2018 and the next day i got a notice of a hard pull from Wayfair and they only asked for my last four digits

  19. I used the shopping cart trick with Childrens place. The system asked for the last 4 digits of my social and it did not appear on my credit as a hard inquiry. They only approved me for $300 but 3 months later they gave me an increase to $500. I didn't ask for the increase.

  20. Thank you for adding value in this world. Keep it up good, you have a good reputation!!!!!! God Bless

  21. Do a video on self lender it’s a savings account that builds your credit and it doesn’t require a hard pull.

  22. I drop ship online. I cannot buy 8% Amazon gift cards…. But now it will be my mission to buy bulk cards with these cash back cards. awesome.

  23. Does this affect chase 5/24?

  24. I tried it in desktop mode on phone using ingnito window pop up unblocked and app cleaned of cache used guest purchase and physically fill in all info even billing address then hit submit and pop up preapproval for vs angel card

  25. Very useful content. I just subbed! I will attempt the shopping cart trick and will report back.

  26. The shopping cart trick comes up with Kohls and fullbeauty, vic. Secret. Just don't clear your browser. Kohls is backed by capone. Fullbeauty , Vic secret = comenity

  27. Thanks for getting straight to the point. Some videos I try to watch has a lot of "filler" conversation. I'll will be following.

  28. Amazon card is definitely a hard inquiry from experience

  29. How often does this trick work? I've tried several of the sites on the list and have had zero success with even getting the pop up to appear.

  30. My wife and I both did this with Wayfair under the impression that because they only asked for the last four of your social it would be a soft inquiry. Although we each got a $50 sign on bonus which is okay, we also ended up with hard inquiry on Equifax. Because of this I don't really trust the last four digits of the social means soft inquiry; although by my research, including your video, in most cases it probably is only a soft inquiry but why chance it.

  31. is that a stickerless dayan zanchi cube in the background?

  32. Do you do any airline card videos? I know right now the Barclay card aadvantage aviator red card (what a mouthful) has a 60k bonus after your first purchase as well as first checked bag free and 10% redeemed points rebate..

  33. Aye thanks for making a video covering this topic, you do a very good job and are very thorough.

  34. This is just a weird and risky thing for these merchants and card companies to do. But Synchrony Bank tends to skew towards lower end cards. Still not as bad as Credit One.

  35. Can you talk about affirm app and affirm checkout
    I have seen them say it helps build credit as well

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