What Income SHOULD You Put On A Credit Card Application?

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  1. Yoo Idk if its jus me but i definitely heard you say sice. I knew there was a reason I liked you. I subbed off the first video I watched and this is like the 5 in a row i got some capital and would love to work with you wholesale/dropping business. We could be partners or u could call me a intern jus looking to work with someone that has experience because I also live in Maryland.Annapolis

  2. please do a full video on step by step on what to put down , like years of location , monthly income, annual income , job title, rent or own and how much you pay a month… we need this info.

  3. I did a fair conservative estimate of $2000 a year and got approved for a $1,250 credit limit.

  4. Just the vid i needed,appreciate all the tips

  5. What’s your camera setup

  6. The burp cracked me up ha ha

  7. Great, I was able to pay off my mortgage loan and also increase my credit scores in 5 hours.

  8. What’s the origin of your tattoo?

  9. Definitely more shirtless thumbnails.

  10. Eyyyyyy, DMV! I live in Gaithersburg, cheers!

  11. He got denied for DISCOVER and a library card the same day.

  12. Great video Brian!!

  13. Freakin love this dude

  14. My wife is a full time student and she put down my income as her income in her application for capital one venture card. She got approved after we provided our tax return. (We file jointly) Capital one asked for it before they would approve her application. Just an FYI.

  15. Only here cause your cute- lets see if your videos are interesting…

  16. Income is a legal term in the US tax code… love your videos but not touching this

  17. i might of or not might of exaggerated on mine.

  18. Yes 80/20 works for me, that way I will not get more credit than necessary

  19. The only income verification I've ever had to do for credit card approval was with my (small, local) credit union for their Visa card.

  20. Could you explain in deltail the Chase 24 Month Rule (not the 5/24 rule), that you can reapply and get the initial welcome bonus (50,000 – 80,000 points) once every 24 months. What is the best way to take advantage of this? I was thinking it best to to downgrade your chase card after 18 months and then re-apply after 24 months to get the initial welcome bonus again. Feasible? Also, are there ways to do this without annoying the Chase Gorilla.

  21. The hot clickbait haha I see what u did there B hehe

  22. So i just got a better job. Are they gunna ask questions if I change my income from 28k to 50k? For my discover card.

  23. Interesting.. I think income + net worth should be ok.

  24. Your videos are awesome!!!

  25. I recently got a life insurance payout, would I be able to use that as part of my income when applying for my credit card?

  26. So pretty much…..LIE. The video was too long. I still love the channel.

  27. Brian I really look forward to your videos.There hella entertaining and very informative. Got nothing but love for ya man!

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