Credit Score: How to get From 0 to 720 in ONE YEAR!

How I got my credit score to 720 only one year after getting my first credit card Learn more about credit building cards: Click “show more” for …



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  3. Not sure if this is a good idea or not but seemed to work well for me. When I was 18 my father opened a joint credit line with me to help build my credit score. About two years later when I turned 20 I opened a personal credit line and was approved very quickly for a tier 2 credit card with a $5,000 credit limit. Now half a year later I have got my credit score to 746. I'm not sure how long to wait before getting a new card though. Figure I will wait till I get out of College and my income rises.

  4. How do you fix Credit if it is only fare or poor due to some late payments on some accounts?

  5. Lessons I should’ve learned ages ago. Thank you for uploading this

  6. I'm glad and really wanna recommend freemindcracker@yahoocom as the best credit score agencies..

  7. I'm glad and really wanna recommend freemindcracker@yahoocom as the best credit score agencies..

  8. After a few month just tryna get off my student loans but all thanks to freemindcracker@yahoocom. it all work out

  9. Helpful little tips. He mentions calling up the credit card company and requesting a credit limit increase. Before having them continue with this, just ask them if it will result in a hard credit pull. I've called up AMEX and Citi in the past asking prior to putting it through. Credit card companies are always pulling your credit but they result in softpulls as if you were looking at your own. Not having it pull a hard inquiry is pretty huge since it's not making any type of negative impact and making a much larger positive impact toward available creditutilization. Second tip is how to get a credit card without any hard inquiry on your account. Go to your bank that you have a checking account with. I was with bank of America for over a year. I went into the branch interested in one of their rewards cards. I was pre-qualifiedpre-selected because of my good standings. I received a 10k limit and never had an inquiry hit my account. This won't work with every bank but I know that Bank Of America and Citizens Bank does this.

  10. So I’ve been here in the states for 3 months ( I don’t have a social security number) and I opened a checking account with Bank of America in the second month and then by the end of the second month I applied for a secured credit card with Bank of America and they gave me a credit card of 500 dollars credit limit. Now I just completed my first month with my card and I used less than 30% of my credit limit and I paid the full 150 before the date I had to pay.
    My question is should I apply for another credit card? Should I wait more? What kind of credit card and what bank should I go for? Need some help here I want to build my credit fast!

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  12. Wow ernst_smith_ help me increase my poor credit score to excellent I’m fine now he helped me at just a token

  13. From 0 to 720+

  14. Great video, I like the way you walked us through the process. All the things you talk about is very important ie: secured cards, paying on time & credit utilization.

  15. I have a score of 430 lol I get denied for everything because I have two shits about credit when younger. Kids it’s important trust me

  16. contact Vlahd Mahrk on WhatsApp +1567 393 3031 for your credit repair and credit card top up. He helped me get my credit score to 811 and he's been helping me load my credit card for 2 years without getting me in any're the next.

  17. So can i just move to the uk and start over….. Granted i know how huge of a hassle that is.

  18. Should I close my Indigo card?

  19. Messed up my credit 8 years ago when it was at 760 and I had knew nothing about credit. Started this year in Jan at 494- July it’s now 620… I know it’s low but feels like a big jump in 6 months, hope I can get close to 700 by dec.

  20. If you guys want to raise your score faster, you can pay off immediately (1-3 days) after a purchase. Your utilization will move toward zero, and you will have about an extra 10 points in your credit score.

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  22. My Experian credit says I'm 459 how can I increase it

  23. I got mine in the 700s within 3 months

  24. No reason why they shouldn't have taught us this at school

  25. There is a 0 , if it doesnt exist it is 0

  26. This is really good advice.
    I open my first CC with BoA around Aug 2018. After six months my score finally got posted and I astarted at 665. 10 moths in and I'm at 699, with a CL of 2500 for BoA and 500 for citi double cash.

  27. U just being a boastful little shit.

  28. Soft inquire will not affect you credit (When company just want to know your score).
    Hard inquire will affect your credit negatively (When you apply to credit card, buy a car, etc) and it takes from 6 to 24 months to be removed from your history.
    Credit limit will increase your score the higher it is

    Basically the more you know about all this you can even make money out of your bank besides increasing your score.

    Avoid 100% paying interest fee

  29. My credit score is 790 for several years now:

    1. Got the Chase freedom, freedom unlimited and sapphire preferred
    2. Use freedom for its category only, freedom unlimited for almost everything and sapphire for travel, hotel, taxi, and food
    3. Pay all three credit card in full every month (Never use your debit card)
    4. Transfer all your points from Freedom and Freedom unlimited to the sapphire
    5. Upon traveling chase will give you 25% of what you already have on points for traveling or you can just cash it out

    You welcome…

  30. The American credit system is like being a math pro. It's also like the Mark of the beast. You can't do much with out it.

  31. Great video.

  32. My first credit card had a $9500 limit. Was a bit of a shock that I could get such a high limit with my first one. Wasn't even earning much at the time

  33. I was able to do 740 my first year using a lot of videos from you and other similar credit YouTubers.

  34. 0 to 720 Fico in 6-7 months

  35. hey, would you mind sharing your story behind moving to the US? I am a brit as well and looking to move to the US and would like to hear your experience

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