Best Credit Cards That Offer Cell Phone Protection (2019)

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  1. I love your videos Brian. Please make a video on best card for travel cover. Thanks bro

  2. I wanna drop the egg plant emoji but don’t know man, the voice on that mic. Idk I feel like I might interpret things. Lmao jk, dope video man.

  3. Deep dive the Uber card!

  4. Bro, keep the info coming. The stories I could tell from all the tips you've given me.

  5. Uber – Yes!
    Wells Fargo – Noooo!
    US Bank – 5% on cellphone expenses and $600 of I surance = Yes.

  6. But you didn’t mention the Citi Prestige card also removed nearly all other protections, including extended warranty and purchase and return protection! It’s pretty much become a useless card especially with the steep $495 fee

  7. Now you are dimming the main lights and turning on santa lights to set the mood.

    Tell me how this isn't transitioning into CC ASMR

  8. I'm looking at the Wells Fargo Propel. Would like to see more info!

  9. Question…. this might be dumb but when you man cellphone bill… are you referring to paying the actual phone? Or the phone service ?

  10. Jungyasmr

  11. After watching video I feel like I gotta smoke n missed out on dinner

  12. Great information as always. I have definitely learned a lot from you about the C.C. game!!!!

  13. Haven’t watched the vid, just wanna Say ILY

  14. Alright after all the questions in the group the man has spoken!

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