What is Web Hosting and How Does It Work? (For Complete Beginners)

If you’re looking to understand better what is web hosting and how does it work – this video is going to be your JAM 😛 My favorite place for discounted hosting : …



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  1. Should b at 100k

  2. Web hosting vs reseller web hosting ..?

  3. useful

  4. Could you make a video on plugins?
    Like what is plugins!

  5. Thanks man

  6. Thanks brother, this video very helpful for me…

  7. Really nice video!

  8. Thank you….off to your next video 🙂

  9. Wow thanks this helped a lot

  10. That's my shirt! This was a great video brother 🙂

  11. My 2nd video!! Hope you guys like this explanation and it helps better break down hosting. I know it can be confusing getting started so I wanted to explain things as simple as possible for you guys. Make sure to check out my website for more tips on creating a pro website: and if you're ready to get started with hosting, go here:

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