How's Kevin Rose Crashed My $30,000/m Web Hosting Business

There’s the story of how’s CEO Kevin Rose crashed my $30000/m Web Hosting business I started when I was in my teenage years. Here are some …



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  1. Dude I bought your program like 2 weeks ago and I love the info thanks man! There are so many golden nuggets in everything you say! I would love to FaceTime or Skype interview you! Would you be down to do that?

  2. back down the totem pole! lol

  3. Thanks for sharing! Great story!

  4. This is one of the best videos you have ever made! Thanks for your honesty!!!!

  5. Were you a reseller or did you have your own servers?

  6. thanks

  7. Amazing insight bro!

  8. You know in your program it's hard to do keyword research. Keyword planner is not giving you the exact searches per month. They are giving you a range say from (1000 to 10,000 per month). Same in Long Tail Pro. Not saying your program is at fault because it is good. But how do I overcome this issue?

  9. Thank you, Dan!

  10. Whats best to start with? I want to earn money to start my own business after School 🙂

  11. Quality content as always! Thanks a Million man! – Young

  12. Just subscribed, great work and very informing content. I have a question and it's sort of on the same topic as this channel, but a bit different. Okay, I have been trying to find ways to advertise my affiliate link, but the problem is, I don't currently have a website or a big social media following, what are good ways of promoting a link, without having a website or a big following on social media?

  13. why don't you change your dress ?????????

  14. it's inspiring how you started at such a young age maximum respect as Kinghuman would say

  15. Hi Dan, I love your videos!
    I have spent the last couple of months just researching affiliate marketing and online business as a whole. Your videos have really given me food for thought.

    I am about to buy your Deadbeat University package – However I need you to please help me with a few question first:
    * How are affiliate commissions taxed?
    * I live in South Africa, Is it feasible for me to do affiliate marketing with most customers being in the US, how will I get checks from amazon in South Africa?

    I know you must be very busy taking naps 🙂 but it would mean the world to me if you could please help me out.

    I can't wait to become a deadbeat super affiliate!

  16. So Dan, if I buy your $17 course today, and don't get the add ons today, will it cost me more if I get those ad ons in a few days?

  17. Hey man so just wondering. With you making all this money and stuff, what do you spend it one? So you invest or save? Or do you just not care and not spend at all?

  18. Hey dan, wondering if you heard anything about Digital Altitude Aspire program and your thoughts on it? Thanks

  19. how much money do you need or should have to start a online business

  20. yo Dan i have sent you message, could you please reply? 😛 thank you

  21. Hey dan how can I tell if my back links are working or even there at all is that something I can see in cpanel?

  22. thank you for that – i love those kinds of stories…

  23. u R poor

  24. How to make $99999999999 a day as a 2 year old? Spam how to make money vidoes that wont work aimed at 12 year olds to make some sweet youtube cash.


  26. hey man , a hour ago i texted you on facebook page , can you answer me please ?

  27. that was actually a very cool video Brock.very well put together. Your situation is similar to a few people i know. it should be the number one piece of advice anyone should know starting or running any type of business. Brock very nice piece today buddy.

  28. Great advice!

  29. Holy smokes! you got 68K subs now?!?!
    Isn't it going to get harder to make an affiliate business with so many people doing it now?

  30. Dan, I bought a social bookmarking gig and the guy spread my website and keywords throughout 800 with automatic submission. I 'm worried because all of the websites are like stupid low ranking with weird templates (some of them use the same templates with diff colors)
    I'm worried because this might hurt my indexing, right? As I don't understand much about it, I asked the gig owner and he said it takes 2-3 weeks for the backlinks get indexed.
    Will it hurt my ranking? 🙁

  31. what age are you bro?

  32. Did you just increase the price of your program from $17 to $497 when I was just about to buy it?

  33. Terrific video thanks Dan!

  34. And here I thought you were only a deadbeat…

  35. Dan, what video camera are you using because I am interested in getting that audio stuff your recommended in one of your vdeos? Is your external mike connected to the camera? Thanks

  36. hey mr. Dan im a big fan of yours ive been watching your videos ever since then because of the lessons i learned every day can i borrow 200 dollar's to buy a laptop because i dont have any computer in my house i will repay it after i start my affiliate marketing.

  37. I can completely relate to this, what Dan is saying is correct.

  38. are you bisexual?

  39. Hey dan (or anyone able to answer) I'm looking at Best Buy's affiliate program and the rates that they pay are 0.0% I didn't understand that are they saying they pay no commission?

  40. Did you really get a comment on here from Tai Lopez?!? Thanks for being humble enough to share that story, It's great to be able to learn from other's experiences.


  42. I like the Alex Becker drawings. You are a nicer than he is…and better at drawing too. 🙂

  43. Just emailed you

  44. I just got the deadbeat system and when I set up an affiliate account with amazon a message pops up and saying amazons shutting down their affiliate store FML oh well first sites gonna be a learning experience I suppose. Dan I wanted to say I love the program so far I got my first article written and about to set up links

  45. I loved screen savers. Used to watch it all the time.

  46. Any chance you could do a day-in-the-life video? I'm interested in the lifestyle you live and how you spend your day.

  47. thanks for the good tips man

  48. Lol. I remember that show.

  49. kevin rose is now one of the key investors in VC for teamtreehouse. haha

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