Home Server Hosting – Should You Do It Or Not?

This is the first video in a new series I will be working on taking you through the considerations you need to think about before you try hosting your own web



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  1. Boring

  2. How do u make it automatic? If u only spend 3 hours a year working on it how do u have it so people can click the button pay u and than it starts there server

  3. Nice video…thanks for the information.

  4. bro back up are you trying to give me a kiss

    Good video anyways lol

  5. this realy realy helped thanks bro 🙂

  6. Just want to say thanks for the info

  7. should i do it if im trying to lern

  8. I want to have my own mail server. ONLY to service just me. I want to send emails on my own without using a google or some other email service i use to get the freedom to send to my contacts without limits. Please advise.

  9. wroth it then Hosting websits $198.72/4years ?
    do we can hosting the game server with hostinger ? lol

  10. 10$/month for IP + 23$/month for electricity? I can get just fast host in internet for 7$/month and do whatever I want, wtf? I thought it’s better!

  11. i have a 12 terrorbyte server room and it get soo hot in there so installed a fan to outside , now im good

  12. This was very illuminating thanks! In fact I don't have the time right now with my business to do this… but, is it possible in the future to "move" the hosting from a 3rd party company to my own home server?

  13. Hi there I’m looking into hosting my own website at our office with a static IP and a business fiber lease on one of our servers is this something you could help me with setting up I don’t mind paying? Thank you

  14. you are good please keep it up

  15. Ugh, this setup is what every small business had in 2002.

  16. what are you running on them?

  17. dude provide your email id so that i can clarify my doughts

  18. can you help me sir ?

  19. Hi We are trying to have our own hosting server for our few in house websites. Is there any one who can help us on configure in Malaysia ? Or do you help to configure to other companies ?

  20. not 7/24 uptime
    not reliable
    open for DDOS attacks
    Tons of Electric Bills
    Need better cooling (more than a stock intel CPU fan)
    Weak Processing Power

  21. What are the specs of some of your web hosting servers?

  22. Atleast you are saving huge hosting charges

  23. if you have a dynamic address on your server you can use

  24. almost gave me a heartattack when i opened the video with how close your face is

  25. Seeing how clutter your place get from all these hardware, wires, noise, I rather not go this route because my room is already clutter.

  26. Likee your video and I was wondering what are you administer in does 3-4 hours per year? Any leads for learning DNS?

  27. I'm sorry that you're cost for running it is so high, it only cost around 8cent per kwh in ND

  28. Thanks for the information about Webhosting.

    Now am using Webhosting services that i rented from

  29. This is awesome

  30. You forgot about internet speed.

  31. Literally the worst camera man ever

  32. thanks …
    that was useful

  33. So informative!

  34. @LDSreliance were you somehow able to talk your ISP into opening port 80 / 8080? Seems like every home ISP Ive seen prohibits serving pages from a residential connection

  35. hei bro, this is daknet criminal hosting? Lol

  36. Can i make my own dns with servers..without buying a domain..i just want to pay only for electricity and internet..or something like that..

  37. You can go to your modem setting and give it a static ip

  38. Quote "Taking a step back" Camera still zoomed right in

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