Namecheap Review (2019) Is Namecheap Web Hosting Good or Not? Watch This First?

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  1. Namecheap will sell your details to spammers

  2. is garbage host. A total joke. AVOID or you will be some pissed off.

  3. thank you Learnanet
    . are you using a chromebook?

  4. Great content!!!!

  5. SPAMMER!!

  6. Wow!
    Steller is now over $15! What an increase!

  7. can i still build my site with squarespace if i host on namecheap? Or can I buy hosting from host gator and host my namecheap name and still build on squarespace?

  8. Thank you. Great video.

  9. I looking to start a podcast will Namecheap hosting support it? I know that I have to use is EasyWP a org?

  10. Merry Christmas!
    Have you tried hosting 'WORDPRESS' sites on Namecheap?

  11. Thanks for your video. Is there service 'strictly' CHAT addressed only? I've used hostgator in the past, and received good support by phone. What's the support system with Namecheap? (CHAT ONLY)?

  12. Great review! Thanks!

  13. As a hotmail-user I get loads of spam. In order to do something about it I started investigating where most of those spam e-mails come from.
    Namecheap is the number one whois lookup result. I have been sending them mails with newly found domains hosted by them but only got a reply to my second ticket.
    I suspect this company to be an easy host for spammers because they do not seem to be able to control the behaviour of their clients.

  14. hello, is there a way i can build my website with word press after getting shared host from namecheap.

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