How To Setup A Reseller Web Hosting Account

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  1. Thank you for your video. I was struggling to figure out how to create and access my accounts and this made it very very clear.

  2. Thank you for your content. I subscribed right away.

  3. when creating a cpanel account using a domain, must it be a registered domain or we can cook up any domian that does not exist? secondly when creating cpanel account, do we have to update any nameservers for the domain we use ?

  4. Nice tutorial! Do you also provide a billing cart to be integrate in our website?

  5. quick question what do i do to make the money i dont understand

  6. Does that mean every customer whatever you have the customer pays each month, $9 of that has to go to NameHero?

  7. Awesome video! Many thanks for this tutorial! im gone give it a try..greets from the Netherlands

  8. What wordpress theme are you using on the video? Do you use AWS?

  9. nice video on this topic

    Reseller Hosting in Nigeria with Free WHMCS & Domain name click

  10. Please specify how web can get and earn money of every domain and host that we sell for our customers from namehero please make a complete tutorial step by step from zero until you consider you sell host and domain as a reseller guy for your customer and how to money come in your account

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