What Is Web Hosting? Explained

What is Web Hosting? Hi, I’m Tony Messer & in this video I’m going to explain everything you need to know about web hosting . At the end of this video you’ll …



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  1. Very very simple and awesome

  2. very good info and overview…appreciate it

  3. Thank You!

  4. very simple and easy how can i download your video sir?

  5. nice bro

  6. Simple and easy to understand. Very helpful.

  7. Thanks a lot tony…

  8. Thanks Tony, quick and informative.

  9. Thanks I'm just starting out, I know nothing.

  10. Thanks for sharing it a lot for your explanation. (Y)

  11. hey there I've built three websites since the beginning of 2018 and I keep getting better due to all the tutorials and tips and trick videos im able to find online but when it comes to hosting things are a little Bit cloudy on wich is the best I personally use but if somebody else has recommendations be sure to let me know !

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  13. Thank you!!

  14. thank you sir! and could you tell me the software and hardware used

  15. I have been enlighted

  16. Do you have a preferred web-hosting company? Which would you recommend?

  17. Simple and easy, condensed enough to continue my current train of thought. thank you for the video

  18. Thanks a lot for your explanation, it's clear and easy to understand.

  19. Thanks, you clear most of my problems!

  20. What is the inode limit on shared plans?

  21. Hi Tony thanks for the video it helped me a lot about what web hosting is

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