Web Hosting & CPanel Guide – How To Easily Upload Your Website

In this guide we will discuss the different types of web hosting accounts and we will be working with a brand new account to explore CPanel, upload a web site …



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  1. Lots of great information.Ā  Very helpful for me.

  2. Amzaing job done mate (y)

  3. I am laughing at my self now, after watching this video, things seem so super easy! it did not seem this way just 34 minutes ago though: DD THANKS!

  4. This was so helpful. thanks alot <3

  5. Thank you so much, actually i learned a lot form this tutorial .

  6. Very helpful! I used to think web hosting only works with WordPress. This has brought a whole new dimension to my work as a new web developer.

  7. just read bunch of the commects here,, i think this is the most appreciation i have seen in a youtube vid ever,,, ,,,

  8. wow.. i just learned a shitload of awesome stuff,,,

  9. Thank you very much
    I want to know if I could host a java ee website with this cpanel

  10. wow! finally someone that makes sense! thank you!

  11. THANK YOU!!! You've truly enabled my brain to map out all the information floating in my head and now it all just makes sense. So simply explained šŸ™‚

  12. Thank you for your guide

  13. Information overload, just show me how to upload my website like the title says

  14. I tried downloading FileZilla off the official website and it is a virus

  15. Thank you!, i'm currently working for my first project with a client and this was very helpful šŸ™‚

  16. can i get avonhost starter plan ?

  17. the best web hosting.only $2.95 per month

  18. so helpful! thank you!

  19. Thank you for this useful tutorial. I have been working on Front end for more than a year but didn't know how to deploy šŸ˜‰ Now I know at least some basic stuff

  20. How do I add an html widget? It's not wordpress.

  21. Can you make uber like clone apps

  22. Filezilla is a mess again. Spyware everywhere.

  23. Brad. Thanks for this. I kept this video until even though I never used CPanel. Then I got a job that required it, and this helped. However I've been facing some challenges, this began when I configured my DNS to point to Shopify's so I can use my real domain. Then CPanel keeps saying "Can't create some directory because no such file is found". I'm worn out of searching for a solution.

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  25. Great video

  26. Thank you for the amazing tutorial. Keep up the good work!

  27. hello sir … can i rename "public_html" to "finalhtml" becoz i use "finalhtml" location in my html

  28. Do I have to pay for the entire year at once or can pay every month?

  29. Really wish you had done this one a few weeks ago ….now I'm locked-in with SiteGround for a whole year.

    I still got some enjoyment watching this video though!

    Will be talking to you again in about a year from now.

    Take care!

  30. skip at 5:00 guys

  31. Can you make YouTube or Udemy series on how to allow users to create dynamic sub domains form example.

    When the user type w.e name in the input it will automatically create a sub domain without you having to go to you hosting company cpanel n I think itā€™s called php wildcard

  32. Great video! Very informative!

  33. Hello and thanks for the video but I have some path errors when I uploaded all of my files to viewen hosting under the public_html folder…. what should I do? They told me that it could be my database but I have already set up an account and set up my username and password in my dbh.php

  34. I recommend a modern and incredibly simple hosting platform for 14 days for free (later only 60 USD annually) – In addition, free SSL, very good technical support, automatic backup, automatic installer and very good cooperation with WordPress.

  35. is it possible to deploy react or angular js web application with this hosting?

  36. see you wab hosting buy now
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  37. Where did you all learn all this stuff?

  38. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing…
    we are able to use preinstalled dedicated server from for $54/m. i can able to configuration server by using these video. it helped me a lot

  39. The 888th liker here. As usual awesome video (y)

  40. For unlimited hosting for just some bugs šŸ™‚

  41. Even though they say unlimited it is never unlimited,i was first surprised when i had that on my web hosting company.

  42. Thanks for uploading video. very informative for beginners. i recently leased a preinstalled cpanel server from

  43. Really helpful video traversy. I love the way you explain everything in a simple, non-technical way. Thanks a mil. Keep up the good work

  44. any though on godaddy, anyone?

  45. after upload my webiste it's shows inside of index of file. how i make like normal website?

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