How To Start A Web Hosting Business In 2018

In this video tutorial I talk about how to start a web hosting business in 2018 and the steps you should do to prepare yourself for success. I’ve also typed up a …



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  1. feel positive, thanks

  2. I actually own the domain name

    I think it could be great for a hosting business 🙂

  3. How much approximately would be the beginner startup cost? appreciated if you breakdown the hidden cost as well Thanks!

  4. can i sell teamspeak 3 servers on this?

  5. Thanks for great information and opening opportunities for the right plan to start .

  6. Thank you,
    It is very informative and helpful

  7. I want to start this business but i want to convo with you first

  8. Thank you so much your course is really helpful. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in starting a Web hosting company.

  9. I have been reading through the information provided at name hero, could you please elaborate the parts of servers .
    Do i need my own server to start my own hosting company using WHMCS

  10. hi i want to purchase your reseller webhosting package

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