Hosting a Website on Google Cloud Platform | Free Hosting

I’m going over how to set up and host a web site on the free tier of Google Cloud Platform. Never pay for hosting again when it can be free! Here is my complete …



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  1. Step by Step Article on
    2:42 Installing and connecting to the VM
    5:21 Initial Config of VM
    8:24 LAMP Stack Install
    10:01 Local DNS Bypass (NOT REQUIRED!!)
    12:30 Configure Apache2
    15:42 Database and PHP Configuration
    20:10 Install WordPress
    25:10 Tuning the Micro Instance for Websites

  2. My wife has a clothing business that she currently runs from Facebook, with 2000+ followers and an average of 700-5000 views on her posted items. She would like a website to automate it, would something like this work for as cheap with all the traffic she will have hitting her site?

  3. where do i get ftp credentials ?

  4. Is this method suggested over the bitnami method? I'm trying to figure out which route to take. Great video btw!

  5. Great video! Where do I get my FTP credentials from for changing themes and installing plugins?

  6. i am trying to install plugins but it keeps asking ftp credentials.

  7. Hi.. really like that video.. kindly advice which one is better google cloud or amazon lighsail ?

  8. i hope i can do this

  9. I don't have word press

  10. 13:59 how did you open it?!

  11. It shows $4.65 per month at 3:50 , so how it'll charge?

  12. very good info and overview…appreciate it

  13. Thanx for this info!!! I'm running 44 wordpress accounts with Gator (US$41.00/month). Can I do it on GC? With this set up? How?

  14. I am not sure if I have done/understood things wrong, but with your configuration, it is not 1 buck a year it is around 5 a month…

  15. This is really sweet and awesome! But what about TLS or HTTPS, how do we make sure our site has security layer accessibility as most browsers demand it now a days.

  16. You're a hero

  17. oof that went over my head, i'll try it anyway

  18. 1:53 no need to correct y'self, they're "web hoes"

  19. You are awesome. Thank you for sharing this with me. So easy!

  20. I tried my best to follow along, but, once I got to
    sudo swapon /swapfile, it gave me an error. "swapon: /swapfile: swapon failed: Invalid argument"
    I'm so lost. I have no idea what half the shit you're talking about even means. I'm 7:33 in, and I'm so done.

  21. Hey Chris, do your proposed setup still allow for high-performance, i.e., speed?

  22. Interesting, some good things to think about.

  23. Unfortunately this to complicated if you want to customize some things which may be easy but I don't understand all what you did there. Thanks

  24. Works like a charm. Just stuck on one thing. I want to change my site URL from to

    I changed from WordPress admin settings but the site won't open after that, I had to reset the siteurl from wp-options in SSH terminal to fix it back to I also tried htaccess but that too didn't help.

    Any leads will be really really helpful here. Thanks.

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