How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Needs – 8 Types Of Hosting Explained

In this video I will explain the differences between the 8 different types of web hosting for WordPress web sites. My goal is to help you figure out the best hosting



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  1. Very nice, I am loving your videos. you really doing well.. Hey just keep going and make it perfect. #Onliveserver

  2. 4:03 that's lambo

  3. Very informative videos thanks

  4. Nothing better then interserver, very cheap and high quality

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  6. Please, do you offer or have any idea of which web hosting service give user the full access to send bulk mail for advert and IP will never get blacklisted ?

  7. Friendly and beneficial info. From my experience, I know how challenging it can be to select the right hosting for a business' needs. For over one year, I have ChemiCloud as a web hosting provider, and they fulfilled all my expectations: great support, reliable services… I'm their fan!

  8. I can't believe that I watched two minutes of this video before realising that it was for WORDPRESS. Argh!
    Could you not put that in the video title?

  9. Great info for someone starting with Web Hosting. Very helpful…

  10. cloud and dedicated hosting??????

  11. Apologies But the first 5 mins was very painful.

  12. Why do we need to purchase a plan above 20$ for cloudways to get your bonus? Isn't the affiliate commission the same at 50$ for any plan for you? Or is there a difference? Asking from a user and an affiliate point of view myself as well

  13. i have per day 500-1000 visitor on my website so please recommend to me for hosting plans. i currently use Linux shared hosting and my load time is 3.34 sec. i want to use VPS or cloud hosting so please guide me

  14. So, In a nutshell, what is the best hosting for an ecommerce for a starter?

  15. Nice video

  16. Really good video with nice explanations. I am a big A2 Hosting fan, but there are several others that support those "Four S's" you discuss. Thank you.

  17. What is your opinion about marketing offers of bluehost?

  18. The best Hosting Provider with first class service and with a fast support is Pressidium.

  19. How do u do ur screen like that?

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