Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2019

Want To Learn how to make a WEBSITE FAST for 2019? Watch here — Want the best web hosting for …



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  1. Thanks for watching guys, let me know your experiences with some of these web hosting companies!

  2. Why Isn't NameCheap In List ?

  3. The plugin you recommend is out of date ? .. just checked and it has not been updated for 3 major releases of WordPress is it safe to use?

  4. For the effort and money you put into this I will sign up with siteground using your affiliate link

  5. After watching your video I went to, as soon as I pressed the pay button, after filling out all details and using paypal for payment method, they flagged me as high risk lmfao, they wanted me to scan and send them a copy of my drivers license, thanks but no thanks and doesnt offer free domain.

  6. the most fucked up hosting provider company is Siteground… I just bought their hosting plan and 100% regret… the supporting from this webiste is 0%… do not suggest this blushits any more

  7. what about ionos ?

  8. Hi, if I'm hosting a virtual tour on my site but it's embedded on my customer site do you know when it's viewed if that count towards my monthly visits?

  9. I appreciate your work. My friends have recommended me They provide ads-free hosting and will never put anything on your website: no links, no banners, no visitor tracking code. And the most important thing provide absolutely free web hosting service.

  10. I don't know why, but for some reason I never saw Mochahost ( ) in any review, although they are by far the cheapest and have excellent support and response time.

    Best Web hosting prices

  12. Really helpful information. Thanks so much! Hope you're able to feed your dog 🙂

  13. You definitely would not use Hostpapa

  14. Wow, really good and appreciable to all. About the platforms, you mentioned and desired in this video, one of them #onliveserver can also be considered as one of the best hosting platforms in my views. My experience was good with this server hosting provider that's why I am telling. Thank You share this essential information.

  15. Thank you Darrel for this really honest and fair hosting review. Keep it up.

  16. Hey Darrel, next time be sure to check out Kinsta as well. In our web agency we have both Siteground, Kinsta and some lower tier ones (Time4VPS).

  17. Nice Video! Thanks for sharing this information about WordPress hosting in an expressive way. WordPress hosting is typically built to optimized and meet the WordPress requirements in terms of security and preferences. KIIFF LLC is also known as managed WordPress hosting platform. We provide a secure and reliable hosting services to individuals and small businesses. We operates a private cloud with solid state drives, high availability bandwidth, and powerful Intel processors. To know more, Visit us.

  18. Any thoughts on Bigscoots hosting?

  19. I did not get the 7% discount at site ground

  20. can anyone please help me I want to a website with lots of learning videos some videos may be even 30 to 40Gb I will be needed lots of storage like 40GB video multiply 5000 videos that ill be large amount of storage can anyone help me to how to and where to store these files or which hosting pack I should buy I have no Idea. The videos will be getting more and more so I need a Unlimited storage can anyone say where to host and which type of hosting I should go for. Please Help me.

  21. Thank you . This is really helping me

  22. Pleaseeeeeee can you test Mochahost vs siteground ? if anyone test it also ? thanks

  23. There is absolutely no way GoDaddy is faster than WP Engine. GoDaddy was also rated one of the top malware hosting networks in the world and makes their non-cPanel customers pay to upgrade to PHP 7. Criminal.

    Hostinger employees create fake reviews and I wouldn't listen to anything you read about them. WP Engine just bought Flywheel and is growing too fast + going downhill.

    Also, where is Cloudways? I have seen over 40 Facebook polls and can tell you SiteGround, Cloudways, and Kinsta are usually the top 3 depending on your budget. But SiteGround's renewal prices are high and a lot of people are moving to Cloudways because of that. GoDaddy and EIG are trash.

  24. Great video .. so helpful. Thank you

  25. Hi there!

    I appreciate this video and another way which is similar to the hosting services is hamara hosting.
    Hamara Hosting services in Hyderabad are fast, secure and affordable web hosting services. For any queries just visit their website.

  26. I am using for the past 2 years, it’s performance and speed is top-notch, I never faced any sort of issues. It is one of the most fastest, reliable and cheap linux hosting providers which I am using for the past 2 years on one of my blogs. It offers a wide spectrum of services, among which shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. It does not just have cheap price plans but it is also a reliable hosting provider. They provide a world-class level of shared hosting as well as VPS hosting.
    It comes with Best cPanel Hosting, Free SSL, 30-Days money back Guarantee which is counted as a bonus.

  27. Thank you so much Wilson,.. you saved my time a lot…. love from SG

  28. I heard Disney uses Hostgator.

  29. I read a comment in another video where someone said he had 30 free domains with Hostgator.

  30. SITELOCK is a problem with blue host especially. Currently dealing with their well known scams.

  31. Darrel, this is the best hosting comparison, thank you for this! Will you consider adding INSTY to your list for next year?

  32. thanks you

  33. What about Namecheap and Google Cloud Console Darrel?

  34. I really appreciate this empirical analysis. I hope you made your money back and more.

  35. thanks more

  36. thank very much

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