What Kidney Donors Need to Know: Before, During and After Donation | Q&A with Dr. Fawaz Al Ammary

Transplant nephrologist Fawaz Al Ammary discusses live kidney donation, including the evaluation process and qualifications to become a donor, common …



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  6. I’m going to donate mine to my sister who has been on dialysis for 10 years.

  7. Doc, have you ever donated YOUR own kidney? OR! Do these doctors ever donate their own kidneys?

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  10. My mom needs a kidney. Breaks my heart seeing her go through dialysis. I wish she could live a normal life again… 🙁

  11. Kidney donor tells what it was like in this podcast interview:

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  13. Don't be fooled by this nice narrative, there are many complications that one can have. Of course they want to make it sound as if it's such a ROUTINE SURGERY, not. And from my research as possibly thinking about being a donor, once you have given your kidney, the follow up sucks…especially if you have complications. They kick you to the curb. So be aware. Once you give a kidney, if you are diagnosed with cancer, so sorry, not many of the Meds or chemo can they give you with one kidney . Or they don't tell you about how it screws up your adrenal gland, then your in constant adrenal fatigue, the rest of your life. Or how it takes such a toll on your digestive system, another life long complication. None of this is talked about, because , yes it is a business. If the transplant hospitals really were/are caring about donors, they would give them life care.. NOT. Past donors have gone to UNOS about their complications, surprise…no support. So don't be uneducated about this. I was considering donating, not now. I found all this information on a FB page called Living Donors With Complications. It's a real eye opener, what these people are going through….horrible. But none if it is talked about in the mainstream donor community, it's all rainbows and sunshine.

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  25. I'm 70 years old and healthy. If all other criteria are met, can I donate to a stranger? Also, who pays the costs I would incur? Is it the recipient's insurance company, will my insurance company cover it? I'm not wealthy enough to fund this myself. Thank you.

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  27. How long do I have to quit smoking before my brother can receive my kidney… I am 26 years old physically fit with no health problem.

  28. My brother is passing from Kidney failure. please, support! anything will help at this point. God Bless!

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