Raising money for Indian 9 year olds. ($246'000 Raised THANK YOU)

DONATE TO CAMPAIGN PAGE: Fundraising for CRY: This campaign is…



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  1. anyone 2019 :}

  2. 1:32:10 Mrbeast fans are here for this

  3. 29:43 Pewds says nword again

  4. lol read the donation at 2:46

  5. Before the war,
    After the war,
    What has happened,
    Bring back this pwed.

  6. What’s the song at the beginning lol

  7. Pewdiepie has to play Skate 3 again

    Or even Goat Simulator

  8. So far, some of the things Felix has said are actually true. The Bretons look like nords because they're a mix of the nedic people's and elves. And he used an acceptable pronunciation of Khajiit.

  9. child Labour is gone..

  10. I am Indian watching you not t series

  11. To those stupid Indians who are criticising him by called this a publicity stunt..really shame on u .. atleast he did this unlike u keyboard warriors hating him for everything. Even if he did this as a publicity stunt , he has every right to boast about it unlike u who r fit for nothing!

  12. 2:56:19 Sypher PK Donation

  13. Was this befor or after T-series? I’m just asking

  14. Who came after mrbeast donated like alot of money or just me?

  15. I realized that he spent an hour on character customization

  16. Can anyone please tell me what this game is called

  17. Why did this just pop on reccomended lol

  18. Pewds playing Oblivion????

  19. I am falling asleep to this music. Goodnight pewds ✌️

  20. No fortnite.. please Felix

  21. Kale meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. No "news site" (I believe they are a drama site) seems to never notice when Felix does stuff like this.

  23. “Sometimes I worry about someone doing something crazy in the name of subscribe to pewdiepie”

    Man. I felt that one. Rest In Peace to all the people who died in the New Zealand shooting.

  24. Bro he actually donated $246'000 and
    T-Series just try to pass him

  25. 1:32:08 Who also seen this in MrBeast vid?

  26. T series did nothing but make the population poorer then PewDiePie makes almost 250000

  27. holy shit, the congratulations tseries music video was filmed before 2019 lol. so you really WERE holding back releasing it lol.

  28. 7:03 HE HAS LEGS!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

  29. Come on pews

  30. I fell asleep

  31. Pewdiepie rises above T-Series to save Indian 9 year olds

  32. Then T series came

  33. How could 23k people dislike this video

  34. Wow tgay never did that

  35. The creator of the game said the A.I was advanced the lied

  36. This is legit a coincidence to T-Series

  37. Bro, T-Series should just delete and recreate their channel, because You deserve high respects for playing "Hip Shop" in the beginning of the stream and liking it.

  38. Wander how many times Edgar walked into pewds studio

  39. Have a good day Felix and whom sees this

  40. Local man destroys the T-Series empire with love and kindness. (2018 colorized)

  41. Now its time for coral reefs

  42. After this i saw an article says:New problem in Africa, obesity.
    Me: Wait, that's beyond an absolute win

  43. please help even just a dollar would be a great help

  44. Love u bro

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