PATTAYA, Beach Road. Thailand, June, 2019

Location: There are two main beaches in Pattaya. Pattaya Beach runs parallel to the city center from Pattaya Nuea and up to Walking Street. Its length is 2 700 …



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  1. Hi what is the Camera you are using..?!

  2. gt some quiet shoes.

  3. bunch of old guys trying to act 20 and some stupid young guys trying to find a woman.

  4. Great video bring back tones of good memories. So much so your video made me book another flight . Happy days are on there way again

  5. totally dead the beachroad who finds this exciting was not there yet. 4 years ago there were hundreds of ladies there during the day. Only sad what is standing there

  6. Nice intro

  7. lots of girls

  8. Where’s the boom? 😉

  9. Great video

  10. Amazing video!!

  11. One million of motorbikes are everywhere.

  12. Amazing video!! Thank you for sharing it ✈️

  13. The Coconut Bar is open for business.

  14. 1:27 beautiful

  15. Wonderful filming

  16. Beach is very beautiful

  17. 1000 thumbs up

  18. Boom-boom? Haha

  19. 1:25 nice lady

  20. What did police check in the beginning?

  21. Absolutely perfect video

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