When Alt Coin Rally? Bitcoin Correction to $8,500? My Cardano Prediction

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  1. You asked for it, and we got it! we can't say there wasn't a rally at all but definitely there were less harmed than BTC during the recent sharp drop! This will also benefit me so i can get cheaper TRX with fiat and buy more Beatzcoin when IEO begins! 😉

  2. If cardano is worth 100 dollars with a 25 billion supply
    You multiply the supply (25 billion)* your prediction (100) = to 2 trillion market cap but I do recall Charles stating that ada will be worth 1 trillion one day so who knows

  3. I'll literally eat shit if Cardano gets to $6.

  4. X max XMX is on the ether block chain Crow,30,000,000,000 supply.Can't profile it cos they never release information. Something to do with smartphones l think.

  5. 20k ADA will be life changing

  6. Ada will be massive

  7. everyone saying know what that means.

  8. Michael York got crushed.

  9. Hello Crypto Crow, how do you feel about Zilliqa? Like to hear your opinion. Thanks.

  10. Lol Cardano

  11. Big fan Jason but could you please call it XRP and not Ripple.

  12. what about Digibyte?

  13. can u do a video on what tools you use on trading view please

  14. ADA $20-30 at least

  15. what happened to acuitas? Is Crowtrader replacing acuitas?

  16. I like your videos Crow. Just wondering why you don't you ever talk about EOS? Or did I miss it.

  17. Cardano is the Premiere HODL at this point!

  18. How much are you down on cardano?

  19. So, with Binance going away, what other exchanges are you all using here in US besides Coinbase/GDAX? Is there one cheaper on fees that you trust?

  20. At least Crypto Lark said Energi sponsored the video. I can appreciate that lol

  21. A trading bot..??? Gee, that'll end well.

  22. i am not too sure the BTC rally is over yet, alts will have to wait in line.
    I smell a drop to 9k then a pop to 20K

  23. Excellent review! thanks for sharing!

  24. You gotta love crypto. No downside.

  25. I think that a $6 ADA is spot on Crow. – That's about a 10% marketcap beyond what Ethereum was at when it hit it's all time high. I personally think that I'm going to start selling at $4 just to be a little extra conservative….. Then I'll look for a good point to start buying it back and ride it to the moon. 🙂

  26. Traders are DUMB. HODLrs are SMART AF!

  27. Crow is REAL. Keep up. AND I DON'T LIKE CARDANO lol. Keep the f up. I invested into XRP to crash it. XRP is trash.

  28. Hahahaha. OMG. So red. My shirt today. Worship this man. Kings plus one. Oh yeah. Keep on keepin. Crow. BTW, how's that dividend coin goin?

  29. honesty is a virtue

  30. All alt coins are not going to pump not all of them

  31. Just joined the tg group to learn more thanks for the videos

  32. It’s my understanding that bot trading works really well because they trade in unison and they’re mostly on the same page on where the market is going to go so they all buy and sell together.

    90% of the top 20 are going up long term.

    $3.50 ADA prediction

  33. Holochain $HOT will most definitely mop the floor with Cardano $ADA as far as fundamentals and profit margin is concerned

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